Yoga at the Beach is inspiring and relaxing!

Yoga instructor , Julie VanMeter, instructs her class on the over ancient art of yoga

Yoga instructor , Julie VanMeter, instructs her class on the over ancient art of yoga

  The breathtaking sunset and relaxing sound of the waves at Veteran’s Mermorial Park in Avon Lake, Ohio make for a peaceful and serene setting for meditation. Meditation being one of the three main exercises in yoga. The other two being, controled breathing and physical exercise. This ancient practice is used to promote mental freedom, healthy lifestyles, longevity, and self awareness. The controled use of the breath to improve the health and mind prepare the mind and body for meditation. The poses, which have been found in stone carvings dating older than 5,000 years old, use your own body to work the muscles.

   While many religions use yoga, yoga it’s self is not a religion. There are no “yoga gods”.  Yoga is all about the power within. Yoga teaches you to use your own power. To grow from within and trust yourself. There are a variety of different practices and techniques. All though they consist of the same basic principles.

   Eastern, western, and holistic medical practitioners recommend yoga as an exercise to heal the mind, body, and soul. Some of the many conditions that yoga is recommended for include ; heart disease, diabetes, back pain, arthritis, depression, lupus, weight loss, and depression among many others.

   So if yoga at the beach sounds like something you would like to do, you can email Julie for classes and times at



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