What Flows Through Your Life?

Image used courtesy of: h3nr0.I’ve had a leaking toilet with rusted bolts for some time. My lizard brain tried to ignore the problem but the new parts had been purchased a week ago and my wife wasn’t about to cut me any slack. So, I spoke with a friend the other day, who offered some simple plumbing advice. His good natured disposition is always genuine, so who better than to ask a few questions?

Dan discussed a few probabilities I might collide with:

  • The repair would take longer than expected.  
  • Something might take an unexpected twist (pun intended).
  • It’s easy to become frustrated and overreact, causing bigger problems.
  • Take your time and pace yourself.
  • If you become frustrated, take a break, go for a walk, clear your mind.

I thought he somehow had witnessed my previous handyman duties of toilet repair. I was amazed to find out most people (even plumbers) experience the same anxiety and frustration during latrine repair. The repair experience for me rates a notch below going to the dentist.

The hope was to complete the toilet bowl repair in a couple of hours. It took 4-5 hours. Instruction manuals with too small of print and no references in the small photos of the names of the parts were frustrating. Nor did it help matters by purchasing an entire different style of system (Fluid Master) than I normally do. If it wasn’t for my wife deciphering the instruction manual it could have gotten ugly.

I took breaks when I was tired or frustrated and attempted to take my time. I couldn’t stop a slow leak from one of the bowl bolts, because I over tightened one of the screws. The leak is at least slower than before I attempted the repair.

Looks like I will get Dan’s input and some new rubber washers in a few days.

The advice Dan gave me are solid virtues for anythingwe do in our daily lives.

  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Focus
  • Relax 
  • Rejuvenate

Sometimes we make the simplest tasks incredibly difficult.

Thanks Dan Domka-for your wisdom and advice.

What flows through your life?


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