Two Cousins’ Pizza Company- A Unique and Superb Pizzaria!

logoItalian food is one of my favorite meals. In the world of pizzaria’s there are those that taste ordinary and those who standout with a distinct flair. Two Cousins’ Pizza definitely dazzles the taste buds! 

I ordered a large Redemption Pizza  and a Taco Folder Pizza to try something out of the ordinary from the Two Cousins’ located in Lexington, Ohio. Since it was near closing time, I ordered via carryout.

Upon entering the restaurant, I observed how clean, bright and cheerful the dining area appeared. The attractive décor and well maintained kitchen sets the expectations of a well-run establishment with a purpose of pleasing their customers. As I approached the counter, I was impressed by the friendly and courteous staff members. It was delightful to see employees who obviously enjoy their work and go out of their way to appease the customer.

The young man promptly pulled the food from the warmer and we completed our transaction. I began my journey home anxiously looking forward to devouring the food that filled my car with an aroma begging for consumption.

The large Redemption Pizza was excellent with it’s pasta sauce having a slight sweetness within its flavor. The thin crust was soft and tasted freshly baked. Unlike some pizza shops, Two Cousins’ Pizza doesn’t appear to be greasy at all. The sausage gave the pie a little spicy kick to it’s flavor. The pepperoni, onion,mushrooms and green peppers blended nicely with the cheese topping.

The Redemption Pizza was unique with Two Cousin’s ingredients, dough and sauce. Definitely worth the 15-20 minute wait, drive and price!

The Taco Fold-Over Pizza definitely isn’t a standard item on most menus and currently isn’t on Two Cousin’s regular menu. That’s one of the reasons I love Two Cousins’ Pizza. The pizzeria prides itself on creating specialty dishes. Testing the market to see what sells and being creative assures customers, Two Cousins’ is always looking to improve its products. 

The soft crust Taco Fold-Over Pizza is filled with lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream. It was scrumptious, light and different. To compliment the dish a side order of salsa was included. The salsa was a jalapeno based sauce and if your taste buds can’t handle extremely spicy sauces, you may want to ask for a milder salsa to accompany the Taco Fold-Over Pizza. 

Now I am going to let you in on a secret. If you love Rueben Sandwiches, Two Cousins’ Pizza is the place to go and try their Rueben Pizza. It’s simply a Rueben lover’s dream! The bakery style medium pie reminds me of a casserole with it’s raised corned beef, sauerkraut, cheese and thousand isle dipping sauce.  Trust me, the Rueben Pizza is awesome!

Two Cousins’ Pizza has a great variety of specialty pizzas, Stromboli, salads and oven-baked subs. We like the fact that the pizzeria uses social media to reach out to their customers and they support community causes. If you’re new in town, visiting or never tried Two Cousins’ Pizza visit one of their three locations in downtown Mansfield, Ontario or Lexington, Ohio. Once you try it, you’ll know what you’ve been missing!



5 / 5 stars     


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