Trust, Stan Shot Molly and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels pack the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill!


Trust Rockin’ the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill!

The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill recently packed the house with a crowd of hungry and thirsty fans! The food and beverages were flowing and this was before the first note was ever played. With invitations to have a meal with the local rock band Trust, prior to the show; the stage was set for the perfect storm for a night of Rock & Roll! The dinner with the band was enjoyed by many as the scrumptious, burgers and house specialties were prepared by the staff and flowing from the kitchen.

While this new venue is a definitive boost in the Mansfield area, the restaurant is open all week, whether it’s the afternoon or evening. So stop by and order a meal or a appetizer and see what this exciting new venue has to offer!


The crowd was packed into the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill for the show. This was so nice to see Mansfield’s most attractive and newest landmark exhibit growth from the surrounding areas. Having been opened for about a month and to see the support was definitely inspiring! Rick and Susan Fields, must be ecstatic knowing their new venue/restaurant is  achieving quite a bit of public support. And the good news is – they only scratched the surface!


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

novnef-201620161119_1019The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels created a spark of energy as they hit the stage! This band brought the crowd out early as they burned through their cover tunes.  Some of the band members have wore make-up at past shows. On this particular night; the only thing the band did was create an incredible amount of energy at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill!

 The band roared through the setlist like a turbo-charged Porsche, with a blistering pace and steadfast duty! These guys were on all cylinders lavishing the fans with their hard and heavy music. DRS brought their “A-game” and never looked back. No special make-up needed on this night, just a storm of music, loud and proud!


Lead Vocalist, Jake Besenti of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Lead Vocalist, Jake Besenti poured his heart and soul into the tunes. Besenti is a fine vocalist and has the persona to inspire the fans and sway the ladies. Bassist, Micah Mullins shifts across the stage assaulting the strings and shares background vocals as needed. Lead Guitarist, Jake Wolfe is a ball of energy has he dazzles on guitar and occasionally smiles at the crowd. Drummer, Jon Alfrey thrusts the band into a perpetual motion of thunder from the kit! Dirty Rotten Scoundrels are a mass weapon of destruction as they tediously unloaded a lethal dose of Rock & Roll!

Well done gentlemen!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Photo Gallery


Stan Shot Molly

Stan Shot Molly hasn’t performed for sometime. But one would never know from the show we witnessed on this night! The band amazes with their musical tightness as a unit. The variety of their own compositions are clever, distinct and powerfull! While not hearing this band in 2016, I must say they have a sharp performance as if they play-out every weekend.


Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Bill Huvler

Fronted by Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Bill Huvler, Stan Shot Molly is a pleasant band to hear with their incredible tunes taking on different sounds of various genres encapsulated with vigor and energy. Bill Huvler is inspiring and his passion for the music is clearly from his heart. The lead guitarist, Skip Pryor shuffles in and out of the stage lighting as he unleashes some majestic and tasteful guitar licks and solos. Bassist, Dave Bugg is effective and staunch in his fluttering lines and drummer , Matt Kempf handled the timing and percussion with a fierce amount of power when needed!


Stan Shot Molly Drummer, Matt Kempf

Stan Shot Molly has the music and the stage presence to ignite a crowd. The bands original tunes are catchy, enamored with lush overtones and harmonic persuasion. Given the amount of thought within composing their songs, it’s clear Stan Shot Molly has a bright future and has retained a strong following over the years. With the band announcing this was their last show for awhile, I hope to see Stan Shot Molly again!


Stan Shot Molly  Photo Gallery 



They say where’s there’s smoke there s fire! This being the case, Trust brought the Whiskey Warehouse its biggest crowd to date and a fireball of energy! Trust me, no fire extinguisher could calm this flame as Trust invoked a party of magnetic musical resonance. Trust has packed other clubs in the area, but to witness a packed house at the Whiskey Warehouse was a nice welcome as Trust appeared at the new venue for the first time.


 Trust Frontman/Vocalist Jacob Tackett

Frontman/Lead Vocalist Jacob Tackett was the emcee for he night, often using his cell-phone to spread the message for everyone to stop by he new venue. His magic worked as the band brought old and many new fans out on this chilly night!novnef-201620161119_1037

With the audience on-hand, Trust kicked into high gear, rockin’ the place into a fury of musical thunder! Armed with their modern heavy rock tunes, Jacob Tackett and company fed-off the crowds energy as they poured their hearts and souls into their music. Lead Guitarists, Jake Wolfe and Eric Ferguson were blistering the strings and Cornell Webb fluently scaled the bass guitar to a threshold of melodic tones, while drummer, Randy Shenberger maintained the steam powering the band throughout the night! Jacob fed the crowd his relentless vocals and worked the fans into a bedlam of excitement as he kept his sights on the task at hand.

The beer and drinks were flowing throughout the night as the band definitely threw a party and the fans enjoyed the show! Trust has a reputation of giving it all in their performance and judging from this night the goal was achieved. By the end of the evening, Jacob was exhausted and perhaps the only person nearly as tired; was the staff members removing the garbage of empty bottles t the dumpster!

As Jacob would often say: “Can  get a Hell Yeah?”

Trust Photo Gallery 







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