Today is only Yesterday’s Tomorrow!

Image used courtesy of: VinothChandar.Anybody miss my muse? Attempting to build a website the last few days reminded me of one of my programming classes in college. Maybe you can relate dealing with the tenured faculty member who only gives you 15 minutes of his time and manages to disappear until the last few minutes of class. Your only hope is the student sitting next to you is willing to assist you with questions.

Those situations always made me wonder why I was paying for class and the instructor was getting paid. It seems it should have been the other way-around. Oh well!

No, it wasn’t that bad until I forgot how to access the help forums due to forgetting where to find my email box for the application. After registering again, I still haven’t received the email message with my new password. So, I turned to my best friend- Google and eventually found a solution to the problem.

It turns out the drop-down menu option wasn’t part of the theme I purchased. I found a plug-in to download that should avoid learning how to change the code in the template. It worked for awhile, then; it suddenly stopped working. I didn’t know what the actual problem was so for hours and hours, I deleted pages and rebuilt the menus. I changed relationship fields hoping something would work.

I thought perhaps I changed some setting without understanding the relationship to the database.

Over and over, I tried to no avail. Searching the forums for hours, I read where it was advised to deactivate all the plug-ins one by one to rule out a plug-in or a theme being updated could cause the failure. Once that didn’t work, I deleted the plug-in for dropdown menus and re-installed it. Bingo- it was fixed.

I recalled all the times at college when you become frustrated and the solution is apparent but you become so fixated on resolving the issue, we become blind. Unable to see the forest through the trees!

After the menus and drop-down menus were built I attempted to test a post on one of my dropdown pages. A (big) problem became apparent when the posts didn’t appear under the sub-page! This was easier to resolve by deleting all the beautiful drop-down pages and rebuilding the pages as categories under the main menu. Walla- works like a charm!

I learned quite a bit and hopefully won’t make the same mistakes again. After working all night and yesterday on the issues I was really frustrated. I give my wife credit for bearing with me. My frustration level was at a peak. Lack of proper sleep didn’t help my cause.

Technology is fun when things go smooth. Letting issues get the best of you certainly doesn’t have to happen. Walk away, relax and take a deep breath. Some sleep always helps too.

After all- Today is only yesterday’s tomorrow!


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