Thrice and Circa Survive combine to co-headline tour to a raucous crowd at The Agora Ballroom in Cleveland t!

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Here at The Rust Belt Chronicles, we divide up coverage of events every weekend.  There were some great shows in Cleveland on Saturday December 2nd, but I was especially excited to be assigned to cover Thrice and their co-headliner Circa Survive at the historic Cleveland Agora.

Of the co-headlining duo, it was post-hardcore quartet Thrice that would hit the stage first. Proving they are nothing short of rock stars from the start, they opened with the pounding track “The Earth Will Shake.” off of their 2005 album Vheissu. The crowd for this was incredibly responsive singing along, head-banging and crowd surfing.

Up next was the grinding gritty sound of ‘The Window’, off their 2016 release “To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere”. Consisting of Dustin Kensrue (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Teppei Teranishi (lead guitar) Eddie Breckenridge (bass guitar), and Riley Breckenridge (drums), Thrice has been together since 1998.

Thrice performing at the Agora Ballroom on December 2, 2017. All photos taken by Shannon 'Hammy' Hamilton/

As the night progressed you could see the chemistry created by the long term consistency in band members. It translated into an amazing live performance. I was impressed that the music and vocals sounded almost exactly like listening to their studio album. Judging from the cheering of the crowd after each song, I’m guessing they were equally impressed.

Midway through the set Thrice mentioned “The Alchemy Index’s” 10th anniversary, and went on to play a four song suite (one from each of the 4 EPs),  ‘Firebreather,’, ‘Open Water’, ‘Broken Lungs’ and ‘Come All You Weary’.

‘The Long Defeat’, another tune from their latest album, was their song of choice to end the evening. The crowd may have been chanting for more, but after a 15 song set filled with amazing vocals, melodic guitar riffs, and a powerful beat, I don’t think anyone was disappointed there was no encore.

Thrice Set List

The Window

The Artist In the Ambulance


Blood on the Sand


Open Water

Broken Lungs

Play Video

Come All You Weary



Red Telephone

Black Honey

Of Dust and Nations

The Long Defeat


As I looked around between sets I was reminded of how much I enjoy covering acts at this venue. The Agora Ballroom is truly one of my favorite places in Cleveland to catch a concert. It is spacious enough to accommodate a big crowd, but small enough to make large shows feel intimate.

The graduated first level is a bonus, as it offers a great view of the stage from anywhere on the floor. At this particular show the crowd was huge and they even opened up the seated balcony area, perfect to rest your feet and get a birdseye view.

Okay, back to the music.

Circa Survive took the stage to finish out the night. The Doylestown, Pennsylvania band recently dropped its sixth album, “The Amulet”. Circa Survive’s set opened to extremely enthusiastic fans with lead vocalist Anthony Green yelling ‘Let’s go fucking crazy’, and then diving right in to ‘Child of the Desert’.

The first thing I noticed about Green was his constant motion which was followed by his ability to bring power to the high notes. I have to say his energy, his dancing, and interaction with the crowd reminded me a bit of the iconic Iggy Pop. His physicality matched the emotion of each every song. The fans loved this band, especially Green, and he loved them as well.

Circa Survive performing at the Agora Ballroom on December 2, 2017. All photos taken by Shannon 'Hammy' Hamilton/

Midway through the set a girl that was crowdsurfing took a tumble. Green was clearly concerned about her well-being and after Agora security checked on her Green greeted her with open arms as she crowdsurfed her way back to him.

Circa Survive list their influences as everything from Bjork to Paul Simon to the Deftones, and the diversity in their tastes shows in the diversity of each song. Making this multifaceted sound a reality are Brendan Ekstrom (lead guitar), Colin Frangicetto (guitar), Nick Beard (bass guitar), and Steve Clifford (drums).

Among the highlights of the set were the renditions of ‘Strange Terrain”, ‘The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is the Dose’ and ‘Get Out’. All of which had the fans from the floor to the balcony clapping and singing along.

It was clear Circa Survive gave the fans what they were hoping for as the evening ended to a victorious cheer.

Circa Survive Set List

Child of the Desert

Glass Arrow

Rites of Investiture


Strange Terrain

Sharp Practice

Tunnel Vision

At Night It Gets Worse

The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is in the Dose

Frozen Creek

In Fear and Faith

Stop the Fuckin’ Car

Get Out


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