The Wisdom to Know the Difference!

Image used courtesy of: ragz1138.People often worry about circumstances out of their control. Worrying used to be one of my “other jobs.” Over the years, I have battled with creating “what if” scenarios and nearly every time the situation I feared- never happened. Slowly, I’ve realized spending time and energy by focusing on “what if” is a monumental loss of productivity and growth.

In A.A.meetings, one of the common slogans is “Let go and Let God.” Carrying worries, resentment and grudges not only lessons your chance of sobriety; it prevents one from moving forward with growth, opportunity and spirituality. The biggest factors most people find troubling are jobs, relationships and money. Mentally beating yourself-up over something that may never happen is never a solution.

Even if our worst fear becomes reality wouldn’t we be better served to focus on a solution afterit transpires? Planning ahead for a possible catastrophe is foolish. By responding in this negative manner you are placing yourself as a “victim” with your mind and actions. Conditioning yourself to this attitude devalues your self-esteem, opens yourself up for easy defeat and guarantees failure.

Obsessing over negative situations should be replaced by focusing on changing the things you can make a difference with the outcome. Instead of being “stuck” inside your own prison walls, focus on doing something to help someone else. Checkout of the pity-party and lift your spirit up by doing something inspirational and motivational. If we spent half of the time doing something positive, instead of negative; our jobs, relationships and financial situations would improve immensely.

Worrying give us the excuse to do nothing. We sabotage ourselves due to fear. After all, worry is nothing but fear. It’s that little voice of resistance in our head attempting to stop you from doing great work, urging you to stay with the status quo and never venture outside the hut.

Several years ago, I was looking at the possibility of having lung cancer. After a botched biopsy procedure, I had to have major surgery to remove tissue for another biopsy. My time wasn’t focused on worrying if I had cancer or not. My concern was for my wife and would she have the financial stability to live without me?

Once those fears were resolved I was completely at peace with myself situation and God.

Now, one would reason having a terminal illness would send someone over the cliff with worry and fear. Especially me, I am a master of worry. I learned it’s the little things in life that keeps us in fear and prevents us from doing what we were put on this Earth to do. The big obstacles usually take care of themselves. Trust me, it’s true.

More important, it’s the wisdom to know the difference!


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