The Top 10 Classic Power Trio’s in Rock! (Part 4 of 10)

Jim Carver reviews 10 Classic Rock power trios. 

Who do you think the top trios in Rock history should be? We’d love to read your comments!

Today, we take a look at the #7 slotted band! 


The James Gang

The James Gang (L-R) - Dale Peters, Joe Walsh and Jim Fox.

The James Gang (L-R) – Dale Peters, Joe Walsh and Jim Fox.

Photo by Joe Kleon –

The James Gang not only defined the mid-west rock scene in the 1970’s, they owned it. Joe Walsh (guitar), Dale Peters (bass) and Jim Fox (drums) are the most acclaimed lineup during the band’s peak. The band is best known for their hits- “Walk Away” and “Funk#49.”

Jim Fox was a former member of The Outsider’s (“Time Won’t Let Me”)and Joe Walsh was a student at Kent State University and the band joined forces later with Dale Peters. The James Gang opened for Cream in Detroit. PeteTownshend was so impressed with the band after opening for The Who on a US tour, Pete invited The James Gang to open for The Who’s upcoming UK tour. The band also performed with Grand Funk RailRoad, Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, Humble Pie and Three Dog Knight.

Joe Walsh would eventually depart and form his own band in Colorado , named Barnstorm. The James Gang attempted to replace Walsh with guitarist, Domenic Troiano and vocalist Roy Kenner. Troiano would end up being replaced by a young Tommy Bolin, who would leave the James Gang to join Deep Purple. Joe Walsh would subsequently have a terrific solo career and go onto becoming a member of The Eagles. 

The legendary lineup has since performed at re-union shows, made an appearance on The Drew Carey Show and gone back in the studio in 2012 to re-work their legendary tunes with the help of Joe Vitale and Michael Stanley. 


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