The Rust Belt Chronicles: Finally Bids Farewell (to 2015)!

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Last Shot at The Great Out-There!

The idea to become an entrepreneur became my full-time obsession on January 18, 2013, when my job of 31 years was eliminated. Ironically, it wasn’t just an ordinary Monday as it was Martin Luther King Day and I became “Free at Last”. Having spent my entire life working in a system that no longer valued the American ideas of loyalty and honesty, I wanted to control my own destiny. I didn’t wait for permission, I didn’t wait to be picked; instead I ignored the naysayers and began to build ideas for my own online music magazine.

On March 15th, 2013 armed with only one writer and assistant, Bethany Brewer, we officially launched The Rust Belt Chronicles! It’s been a wild ride, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many incredible people in the entertainment industry, learning an abundance of information and at times, wore too many hats. We meticulously started by promoting local and up-and-coming artists and events between Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. As our requests increased so did the size of our artists and venues, as we now work with many of the Top 10 record labels in the USA!

In 2015 we expanded our coverage to Pittsburgh. Our Top 20 cities of viewership included: Cleveland, Columbus, Akron,  Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh and Washington DC. We were welcomed at major outdoor festivals throughout the USA.

The Rust Belt Chronicles is poised to double the viewership achieved in our previous year. While we are unable to be everything for everybody, I am truly proud of what we have accomplished. I operate out of Mansfield, Ohio, where we are the best kept secret. Hopefully that will change moving forward!

As our coverage grew, so did our viewership. We’ve sometimes zigged when we should have zagged or worse yet; allowed the lizard brain of fear to stop us. Those experiences have allowed us to grow, often learning valuable lessons on the fly.  As our friend, Michael Stanley says:   “I’m gonna’ hold on an see how this plays, Brother to Brother to the end of my days, And that song you’ve been singing, well it pulls me on through – I Am You”!

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The Rust Belt Chronicles has achieved another year of incredible growth, fabulous connections and overcome a variety of obstacles during 2015. We’ve set new records and shattered them for viewership throughout the year. Our staff has expanded and handled adjustments to illness and transitions as well as expected.  I am so proud and honored to work alongside such a resilient group of people, willing to sacrifice their time and effort because they believe in what we’ve started!

Our Sponsors have made it easier for us to carry the load and grow as we continue to improve and seek ways to provide added value to their businesses and increase their brand awareness, growth and success in the marketplace! They share our vision by understanding we are all connected in the entertainment business. Their success is our success.

Destination42eighty joe

Destination (Original Raw Music) shred at 42 Eighty Concert Club. Photo credit: Joe Kleon/G4orce Studios

I want to especially thank my sponsors: 42 Eighty Concert Club, The Blue Turtle Tavern,  The Fairview Tavern, Tavern on Biddulph and The Corvette Lounge; you stood beside us and I am forever grateful for your belief!  It’s impossible to forget music promoter, Ernie Johnston, who originally recommended us to our sponsors, when we had never even met! Great things happen when you least expect them. Special mention to Joe Kleon, who has also assisted us with his beautiful images since our inception.

From the fans, friends, bands, radio, venues, management and sponsors; we are a team united in that one common goal of forming a music entertainment network.  We strive to make a difference locally and nationally by our creativity and willingness to be different!

To our business partners at LiveNation, PromoWest Productions, 99.7 TheBlitz in Columbus, 98.5 WNCX, Friends of VR2 Vintage Rock Radio in Cleveland, all of our friends at the record labels, band management, music agencies and venues of all sizes we’ve had the pleasure to work with in 2015; we look forward to achieving a higher level of service in providing you and our viewers with improved coverage.

A huge thank you to all of the local acts we’ve had the pleasure to cover in Ohio. When we started, you were the backbone of our business and are an important force moving forward in 2016!

To our viewers, everyone we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with or met: “We all Connect the Dots in Rock”! I’d hug each and every one of you if I could.

We may be an underdog in terms of other long-established brands, but we’re no longer the new kid on the block and have the ability to offer more value to our clients and customers, personalized in a manner that everyone understands our passion of music and entertainment.

Please consider us in advertising your venue, brand, business or band in 2016! The Rust Belt Chronicles offers original content which is a rarity on the Internet and people see it as refreshing and inspiring.

What could be more meaningful than that?

Like the song say’s: “We’ve made the right connections and we’re here to stay”.

We have many exciting additions coming up soon in The Rust Belt Chronicles. While our calendar year actually isn’t up until March 14th, we are working diligently on improvements moving forward in 2016. Keep watching The Rust Belt Chronicles to learn when our details are finalized. Visit us on our homepage, Facebook and Twitter pages, and please comment and share.

The story of The Rust Belt Chronicles is definitely a tale of a period of how darkness, can show you the light.

Watch us “Rock in 2016”!

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Jim Carver

President/The Rust Belt Chronicles




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Jim Carver About Jim Carver

Jim Carver is the President of The Rust Belt Chronicles.

In 2004, Jim graduated from North Central State College with a degree in Business Information Technology. Jim developed "Rock Lines" news report online in 2010.After a trial-run of The Rust Belt Chronicles in April of 2013, Jim decided to make his dream a reality in 2014 by re-launching The Rust Belt Chronicles.

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