The Rust Belt Chronicles Announces Major Changes!

A majority of The Rust Belt Chronicles staff!

(Left to Right)- Front Row: Erica M. Lenhoff, Mandy Edmonson. Row 2: Jim Carver, Alex Belisle, Jennifer Colleen. Row 3: Shannon “Hammy” Hamilton and Larry Ritter.

“This is About Change”

After a little more than 4-years of existence, The Rust Belt Chronicles is excited to announce some important strategic planning changes.  It’s been my pleasure to watch our brand growth.  With more than 15.1 million views to our website in four years and 7 million of those hits from viewers accumulated in 2016, it’s safe to say we have established ourselves as a trusted music media source throughout the USA!  For those of you who are statisticians, that doesn’t count our Facebook or Twitter pages, nor do we include web spiders, crawlers, robots and such within our visitor numbers to our website.  Meanwhile, things are about to change.

We’ve made many incredible connections and established networks throughout the media entertainment and music industry scene.  We first began our coverage in March of 2013 with local bands throughout Ohio and those cherished relationships have established us with a great fan base.  Those band friendships will always be our closest allies as we venture into new objectives, territories and growth!  Personally, it would have been impossible to achieve our success without those artists appreciating our work and sharing the message.

My original publishing intent was to bring back the look and feel of a rock magazine publication that existed in Cleveland who unfortanetly changed their format decades ago.  In the 1970’s, I would take a weekly one-way,  70-mile drive to Cleveland just to get a  free copy of this magazine and read the concert announcements, record reviews, interviews of national bands that also strongly focused on the local musicians.  Once that magazine sold to corporate entities the structure moved away from what I  viewed as something quite original as the content shifted immensely outside music.

That former music magazine was a large part of my inspiration as a business-startup model and decads later, The Rust Belt Chronicles was born as a voice and vehicle with a focus on the passion of music!  This is why as long as I am alive this publication will never be sold to a corporate entity.  I’ve had marketing people suggest I could sell The Rust Belt Chronicles in two or three years for several million dollars. My response was: ‘why would I’?  Surely at that point, the income of running an online music magazine anywhere worth that much is enough money for my staff and I to comfortably live with. More important, it’s my legacy and the content is intended to remain committed to the established image, feel and personal quest of our mission represented in our own unique views.  That will never change!

Throughout our primary key cities and region, we’ve never had enough staffing available to provide everything, I would like to be for everyone. Financial solvency has become a must if we are to continue our mission.  Therefore it is imperative that we operate with financial sponsorship advertisement to continue our quest to bring you the news you love.

The truth is many of the local bands we cover (hopefully) receive financial payment, while my staff often travels to shows and are not compensated for their time or work.  Unknown to most, my passionate staff members also are unique in the fact they wear many hats. While a corporate entity may have departmentalized staffing, we do it all ourselves.  Our services must be depended on achieving advertisements to continue our present business model.

I am proud to say new business opportunities appear to be on the horizon and those who form a business relationship with us will receive top priority of coverage.  It’s been a long ride to this point. We’ve had our ups and downs during the last four years.  I want to thank all of you for staying with us and our belief that “good things happen to those who wait”.

In order to continue our existence, the respect of our brand, progress and justifiable production costs; we are currently in the process of further developing our strategic marketing and sales plans to attract new business clientele.   Our current coverage of musical genres has limited our sales possibilities, which effects our ability to attract financial sponsors. This is about to change.

Every week, we receive emails from management and agencies from all across the USA and beyond, requesting coverage and/or interviews.  Often those submissions become lost in the shuffle due to genres we generally don’t cover or shortage of staff.  For those who know us personally I want you to know that our inability to cover you or your band due to this reason has never been an easy or comfortable decision.  That is about to change.

We will be interviewing additional staffing for those comfortable with reviewing skills for any of the following genres: Country, Alternative Rock, Latin, Christian, Jazz, Fusion, and Classical music.  I am also proud to announce we will begin covering Theater performances as well!  With our staffing levels increasing we will begin coverage of the genres we’ve excluded in the past within the marketing areas of Cleveland/Akron, Mid-Ohio and Columbus, Ohio. This is a huge addition of promotion with coordinating, scheduling and confirmation requirements dramatically increasing.  Talk about change!

If you have a passion to write, the ability to interview musicians, love music, and reside in any of the above mentioned market areas; please contact Erica M. Lenhoff at:

The additional genres will also dictate the innovation of our website.  So bear with us as we prepare the progressive changes needed to give you the best look, feel and identification of our brand.  Our labor of love began with Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Rock, and Metal along with some inklings of Progressive Rock.  Those genres will always be reflected in all we do along with the local bands we support.  Our music video show, “Rock Lines” be taped at various studios in Ohio as will our “Rock Moments” and “Where Are We Going?” live Facebook update feeds. We expect the expanded musical genres and staffing will result in a positive direction with increased viewership.

We look forward to doing business with businesses owners who share our passion that music is something meaningful in our lives, business and career!

Stay tuned for the most important decision announcement, I’ve ever made at The Rust Belt Chronicles in another upcoming article!  (Oh yea, it’s all about the change!)

Meanwhile, tell a friend about us, like our Facebook and follow our Twitter pages, share our posts and read our website articles!

Spread the love to my staff, give ’em a high-five at a show and know we represent you, the hope and dreams of everyone as we continue to rock one way or another.

And remember; change can be beautiful!


Jim Carver

The Rust Belt





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Jim Carver is the President of The Rust Belt Chronicles.

In 2004, Jim graduated from North Central State College with a degree in Business Information Technology. Jim developed "Rock Lines" news report online in 2010.After a trial-run of The Rust Belt Chronicles in April of 2013, Jim decided to make his dream a reality in 2014 by re-launching The Rust Belt Chronicles.

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