The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Image used courtesy of: hang_in_there.We often make decisions based on fear. When faced with a choice between comfort and uneasiness, we tend to side with comfort. Making that decision isn’t necessarily correct or safe; it just appears to be less troublesome to our emotions. A child learns this at a young age and is able to manipulate a parent into seeing the desired outcome.


The problem of being part of the status quo is it locks us into a parameter of common predictions and outcomes. Creativity becomes limited and many of the comforts we enjoy today would not exist. Typing a blog on this laptop is one of the perks of someone being different. Virtually all we touch today was created by someone who dared to have the courage to test the unthinkable.

It’s time we stopped trying to be like everyone else. Maybe not fitting-in is an advantage. Some of the quietest kids in school were the smartest and I always noticed they excelled fluidly at everything. Perhaps being odd or exuberant is a gift. Some of the best keyboardists I’ve known were odd and intelligent people.

How many medical, scientific breakthroughs or technological changes have we lost due to someone trying to be a square peg in a round hole?

The status quo says those people are weird. Stay away from them. Did you ever think perhaps they’ve been staying away from you a lot longer?

We shun those we fail to understand or simply are unable to label. We view those folks as freaks, possibly unstable or dangerous.

People who see things different are interesting to talk too. They are usually gracious when someone takes an interest in their lonely world. We’re all human beings, no matter what our style, flavor or color. Everyone wants to be loved and accepted.

Isn’t taking the time to connect perhaps the opportunity of a lifetime?


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  1. So true! Wonderful and thought provoking one..!

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