The Mask of Toxicity

Image used courtesy of: AZRainmanHave you ever worked for a toxic workplace? It’s usually apparent by noticing the employees tension upon entering the hallowed halls. Sometimes, an entire industry shares the same atmosphere. It’s a cold vibe that exists when an organization is built upon profit and greed.

Sadly, the style permeated from the top-down is the root of the problem. The Industrial Age was loaded with organizations seeking greater power and control in the workplace. The management style was effective to increase profits for years. In the last few years it has become the downfall of many organizations.

Years ago, employees (and children) revolted by forming Unions. This buffer was needed due to factories hiring cheap child labor. The Unions helped to establish laws to prevent children from being hired and safety regulations. In those days, it was common for children to lose fingers, toes and limbs, resulting in entire family incomes being lost.

We’ve come a long way from those days, but we have so much more work to do!

A majority of toxic workplaces have their own compassionate mission statement, but howthey operate has nothing to do with that philosophy. When greed overtakes a business, it’s the beginning of the end- individually and collectively as an organization. The narcissistic style of management sooner or later catches up with organizations bent on sucking the life out of their own companies and employees.

Corruption is a by-product of greed. It undermines the best companies and destroys from within. When leadership focuses solely on profit it usually turns a cheek to everything else. The status quo is all that matters.

Money spent on advertizing is wasted on the snowball of public opinion. Invariably, one bad decision is followed by another. Denial is a powerful and dangerous imposter for those seeking justification. Yet, she is all they have to seek approval.

The tension and stress associated with being trapped in this toxic environment isn’t worth the sacrifice. The headaches, anxiety, ulcers and fear associated with working in this type of situation aren’t worth paying the price for a paycheck. Most experts recommend seeking employment elsewhere. I must agree.

You deserve better. Life is too short to spend in a toxic workplace. Trust me.

You’ll be glad to remove the mask of toxicity.


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