The “Ladies Night of Rock” bring the fans at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill to their Knees!

Ladies Night of Rock

The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill hosted their first “Ladies Night of Rock” on February, 8th; featuring Stitched Up Heart, Letters From The Fire and Olathia. Tickets were sold-out for this show, however with Mother Nature not co-operating many fans decided not to risk the weather conditions of the roads. While the heavy, wet snow was an obstacle, we were fortunate enough to cover the show.  It’s really a shame since all of these bands were exceptional musically featuring some of the most talented female-fronted vocalists in the USA!

By the end of the night, the personally signed, autographed electric guitar was still available on Stitched Up Heart’s merchandise table, so the Ownership of the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill purchased the instrument! You can see the guitar on the far right wall corner in the open venue area. It’s definitely a beauty!


Olathia rocked! This Cleveland, Ohio Heavy Metal immediately let it be known why they are the best Heavy Metal band from the North Coast! When I heard vocalist, Chris E. Olathia warm-up to a few lines of Dio’s “Last In Line”, I knew this night would be special. Chris and her and her band-mates always play a great show to their fans.

Chris E. Olathia

The band dived through their short setlist armed with their original tunes. Chris E. Olathia is a rare vocalist who can give you gentle ballad tones or literally rip -off your ears with her powerful vocals! She definitely set the bar high as she poured her heart and soul into the tunes. Her ability to sustain notes and project is her forte and on this night Chris sparkled!

Drummer, Jeff Morrow

Jeff Morrow is a beast behind the drumkit.  His energy and accented sticking is a blast to watch and hear. His sparkling kit was fused by the lighting, setting the tone for a night of thunderous roar. His immaculate time-keeping and occasional stick tricks are astounding to witness. This guy can definitely play!

Steven Albenze 

Steven Albenze reminds me of Ritchie Blackmore with his sign language and obstinate eye observing the changes through the songs with his bassist. While he may have been the last band memner to arrive at the venue, his power, passion and leverage is his skill. This man is a firehouse of activity on the six-string. His approach to attacking the music with his searing solo’s and brilliant resonance is a sight to behold. The other guitarist meshed nicely with Steven filling the tunes with fortitude and harmonic guitar rhythms!  The bassist is temporarily assisting the band was splendid as he escalated through the bottom-end. Cleveland has many fine musicians and he stepped-up to the stage and knocked it out of the park!

OLATHIA Photo Gallery.

Letters From The Fire

Letters From The Fire are from Los Angeles. This powerful band provided some exciting music and created a lot of energy onstage. While I wasn’t familiar with their songs, I was impressed with their music and would love to hear them again! With the ability to stir-up the emotions of the fans so easily it’s apparent this isn’t their first tour. The musicians are tremendous and definitely provide you with your money’s worth of entertainment.

Vocalist, Alexa Kabazie

Vocalist, Alexa Kabazie is one little hot commodity. Her voice is capable of being the focal point of the band and her athletic ability is infectious to the fans. She danced, jigged and strode across the stage like it was her domain. The young lady has the world by the horns! It’s clear watching her she can inspire people with her tonal qualities and mischievous smile. I believe on this night she served notice to everyone in attendance.

Their guitarist were both gunslingers of high magnitude as they projected various thunderous riffs and resilient guitar solos. The band accompanies the athletic ability of the young vocalist nicely with their rousing antics further inciting the crowd. Their bassist was a total freak to watch as he whipped his instrument around into the atmosphere with sonic vibrations. The show is a workout for this band. No need to worry about time at the gym! The drummer was abundant with the hammering of the skins as he whisked the band like a madman through each song. The fever of his thrusts to the skins and crashing of his cymbals were a sight to see has his magnetism was his furry!

Letters From The Fire are an up-and-coming band. On this particular night it was inspiring to see a band elevate themselves despite the weather and low-turn-out and giving the die-hard fans a strong performance. I’ve got admit the crowd was loud and clear as they enjoyed themselves.

Letters From The Fire Photo Gallery.

Stitched Up Heart

Stitched Up Heart is definitely going to become a heavyweight in the Hard Rock music scene. This band is young, hungry and determined to bust through the walls of the music industry. The Los Angeles rocker’s have the attitude, music and desire to become a headliner sooner than later!

Vocalist, Alecia “Mixi” Demner

With the not-so-secret ingredient, vocalist Alecia “Mixi” Demner, I believe their path is clear for stardom. “Mixi” is so hot and alluring, she has the fans practically eating out of her hands. The petite blonde has the look and the voice. Her stage presence is astounding. The stage is her home as she leans, sits on the floor or reaches out to touch hands with the audience. This lady is dynamite and knows how to work the stage. But then what would you expect from one of the “Hottest Chicks in Rock” issue featured in Revolver Magazine.

The band provided us with a show as if the sold-out crowd actually arrived. The fans were smitten and loud as they cheered the band. “Mixi” even commented stating: “This is the nicest and rowdiest crowd we’ve played to.” That speaks volumes for North Central Ohio, the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill and the loyal patrons!


Bassist, Randy Mathias

This band ran through it’s original tunes like a fine-tuned machine. The set was loaded with epic moments throughout much of their material. The guitarists were provocative with their ripping off riffs and snarling guitar solos. The bassist was a man possessed as he gave us the rock poses and steadily maintained his fluttering bass lines. The drummer was an all-out assault on the kit. His ferocious blasts were evident that he was the commander. These guys rock hard and know exactly how to give you a party.

Drummer, James Decker

I was amazed by “Mixi’ and her mates as they gave us a crisp, tight and infused performance. Rarely with one eye on the next gig and the weather would a band give such a fine performance. Stitched Up Heart are a band of professional musicians capable of exasperating your mindset and have you loving every minute of it. I suggest you catch them while they are up=close and intimate at smaller venues. They will hit the big-time before long!

Stitched Up Heart Photo Gallery.


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