The Babys rendezvous in Akron on Friday and The RBC interviews John Bisaha!

The Babys

The Babys Return To Akron, Ohio this Friday!

On Friday, September 30th, The Babys return to The Tangier in Akron, Ohio. With a catalog of great hit recordings such as: “Midnight Roundezvous”, “Isn’t It Time”, “Everytime I Think Of You”, “Head First”, “Turn Walk Away”,  and “Back On My Feet Again”, the band is set to deliver an impeccable performance. Throw in their tunes from their latest CD, ‘I’ll Have Some Of That’ and you’re in for a great time of fun, nostalgia, and new memories!

Last years show was standing room only and the fans enjoyed every minute. Don’t miss The Babys as the tour bus makes another stop in Akron, Ohio.

Purchase your tickets before they sell-out again!

Lead Singer/Bassist, John Bisaha was kind enough to agree to a phone interview with our new journalist, “Rokken Robyn Halford”.

The Rust Belt Chronicles would like to thank The Babys management and John Bisaha for taking time from their busy schedule to interview with us!

  • – Jim Carver/President/The Rust Belt Chronicles

 The RBC interviews John Bisaha

john-1797786497Robyn: So what is new with The Babys?

John: Well, we’re finishing off our summer going into fall season tour. 2016 has brought us additional gigs from last year. We’re building each year which is good because we’re trying really hard to be relevant again and try to get ourselves into being one of those household names.  I guess that’s our marching orders to keep going out there doing shows, doing good shows more importantly and keep being invited back.

Robyn: I’ve noticed and have been seeing The Babys more and more, I saw you played last year at The Tangier’s and still hear The Baby’s on the radio it’s great to see you making a comeback and being more relevant than ever

John: We had a great time at The Tangier’s last year, it was a great crowd, we’re seeing great movement too…We want front row sold out, it’s a beautiful venue and we like to get people engaged we do like to put on a great show with lots of energy.

Are you going to make it to our show?

Robyn: Yes I will be there and I believe I’ll do a video interview with you before the show.

John: Yes, we’ll probably look better beforehand! (Laughs)

Robyn: So the new tour is going great, right?

John: It’s been great we’ve been all over the place. We’ve been in several areas of California, Florida, Maryland, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Colorado; now we’ll do some Midwest shows. We’ve done a smattering of different shows, not every state yet but we want to hit each state soon in these upcoming tours.

Robyn: That’s great! And as each year more dates get added that’s always a great sign will happen very soon!

John: Absolutely!

Robyn: So, are there any thoughts on going back into the studio?

John: Absolutely, we’re looking at maybe not so much as going back in the studio, but doing a live album. We’re looking to get that going by the end of the year. We started the main tracks on it to see if we can do that so that’s kinda the next project we got is to do a live record. But we’re always writing so if you don’t see a live album yet, you’ll see us in the studio sometime next year.

Robyn: Okay great and yeah get your voice out there!

John: We need to get our faces out there! Some people don’t know the band is still alive.  It’d be great if we can get on Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel or one of those shows because you’re hittin’ a million people and those million people can see we’re still here because we’re one of the world’s best kept secrets still. You need to hear it from a friend from a friend and once you do and you see what we’re all about you’re hooked again. We just need to get to those people to give them the hook.

Robyn: Is it easier being married to a “Babette” with life on the road?

John: Absolutely is easier! Keeps me on the straight and narrow and don’t have to worry about anything being a distraction. We’ve been married over 28 years and I think it’s kinda cool it was at the right time and the right place, everything happens for a reason that this opportunity came out where not only can I enjoy what I think I do best, but we can enjoy it together. It’s a blessing to be able to do that, it’s very cool.

Robyn: That’s very sweet and that is becoming more main stream. Tom Keifer has his wife Savannah on tour with him and she sings backup vocals as well I think it’s awesome.

John: Yes, we played with Ambrosia and Burleigh Drummond, the drummer, his wife is the keyboardist. Yeah, way to keep it all in the family! As long as you’re able to do that and everyone is happy I mean that’s the whole key, as long as you enjoy yourself and you’re having a good time doing it nothing else really matters. That’s what we strive to do is to make it more of a family thing instead of just a bunch of people playing some songs together.

Robyn: Yeah, and I’m sure it encourages the fans to bring their own families along as well.

John: Absolutely. We’re seeing new generations of Babys fans because we’re seeing at venues the folks that came out and their children, and we’re also seeing the grandparents who come out with their children, and their children. We’re seeing up to 3 generations now of Babys fans which are coming out, which is great. It’s a shame that The Babys have been gone for so long but now we’re trying to make up for some lost time.

Robyn: Absolutely. How long does it take The Babys to prepare for a tour as far as rehearsals go?

John: Not that long. We will typically get together once or twice a month or more especially when we’re writing. Typically we did the series of shows a couple weeks ago but we had 2 weeks off and we’ll just do some tune up rehearsals shortly. So we are going out to Michigan and then coming out to you guys! And we’re looking forward to it. Upfront though to get the band back oh yeah that was 3 days a week 8 hours a day for 2 months trying to get our legs together. Now it’s all about writing new material and bringing other Babys songs done in the past back into the set.

Robyn: That’s great, older generations grew up listening to whole albums and they want new music from bands they like as a refresher so they don’t listen to the same songs all the time.

John: Yeah, we try to do a mixed bag of that we do play a 2-3 songs off our new record. And basically for readers out there its really it’s the anthology albums. They had what, eight or nine, Top 40 and 100 hits? So it’s very cool there are some songs that people have no concept that The Babys did but didn’t know or they just knew the band members or they just remember songs or names. And as long you come to the show you’ll be surprised at the energy and the cuts that we do play.

Robyn: What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on tour so far?

John: The funniest? Well, it actually happened in Ohio last year. We did a show in Chicago, drove all night to play in Akron, got ready and had to leave Akron in the morning to head to New Hope, PA, (8-9 hour drive) and we were gonna leave at 7 o’clock in the morning. So had everyone made sure they were in the lobby at 7 :00 A.M. the bus is starting to roll in to pick us up, I left my room right at 7, my room was right by where the bus was so I started walking towards it and when I got 10-15 feet away from the bus it took off! And you know I’m a little beat up from the shows from the last couple of nights. So I figured I’d just turn around and go back and go to the lobby cuz I didn’t feel like chasing after the bus.

So I get to the lobby, everyone is in the lobby except the bus isn’t there. We see the bus turn on the main road and take off. And my son was on there, who’s basically our crew. I call up 10 min later thinking he was probably just going to get gas and I call him up and say “Hey Chuck where are you?” and Chuck  goes, “Oh, I’m on the road! Are you guys okay back there” and I’m like, “Chuck, the whole band is in the lobby! You know you got my son on the bus.” And he goes, “ Oh I thought everybody was on the bus! It was 7 o’clock!” I said, “Did you check?” He said, “No, I saw Johnny’s feet sticking out of his bunk.” So I said “He just passed out in the bunk last night then, Chuck, we’re all in the lobby waitin’ for ya.” So he had to turn around and come pick us up and it’s the first time the whole entire band on stage was left behind by the bus driver.

Robyn: Do any band members still reside overseas?

John: No not ours, everyone stays here, one guy lives down in Las Vegas and the rest of us are in California.

Robyn: Oh that’s nice. What’s your favorite song to perform and why?

John: Hmmm, I have a lot of them. I like “Darker Side of Town”, one of the ones that we do because it’s just an unplugged song shift with just me and the keyboard player and I get to take the bass off and just concentrate on singing as opposed to singing, playing bass, and acting on a full-on stage. So it’s a nice pull down moment to pull up a stool and just sing. But you know what I’m just happy to be able to do all these songs it’s just a dream come true for me.

Robyn: Yes, I’ve seen how you were enthusiastic to join the band and how much you loved them in the first place, I think that’s awesome.

What would you like to say to the fans of the band?

John: Well, to the fans of the band, we’re happy to still be here and, you know, after 4 years we’re still running on it, so it doesn’t look like were moving and walking away any time soon which is great news to the fans and great news to us. All we ask of the fans is to tell a friend, and have them to tell a friend, and make sure that they tell friends; because as much as we can put the Baby’s back on notice and back on the map, it all starts really with our fans. To you our promise is to put on kick ass shows, continue to kill it, and to keep on rockin’. That’s where we’re at.

Robyn: What inspires you to keep performing?

John: I wasn’t finished yet as a vocalist and I believed in my talents. And you know when grunge and rap knocked rock n roll out in the 90’s we had to find new ways of reinventing. And there’s a bunch of bands that re-tooled and are still rocking today and were gone for only 10 years, but for The Babys being gone for 30.. It’s pretty cool to be able to be singing for one of my favorite bands,  but I wasn’t ready to give it up. I figured I still had a voice and I wanted to be heard and that’s still why I’m out here. This catalog is a dream so I’m killing a bunch of birds with one stone here.

Robyn: Great! Well that is all the questions I have for you unless you would like to add anything.

John: No, you know, please follow us on Twitter @TweetTheBabys, or visit our website, or we’re @TheBabysOfficial on Facebook. All sorts of ways to find us! Look for us and interact with us we like to interact with the fans and make new friends. We also do meet and greets after the show too so come say hi!

What: The Babys

When: Friday, September 30th, 2016 at 8:30 pm.

Where: The Tangier

532 West Market St.
Akron, OH 44303

Ticket Information:
$40.00.00, $35.00, and $30.00.

Order Tickets Online Here!



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