The Babys Interview and Rendevous at the Music Box on Sunday!

The Babys

The Babys

On Sunday, (October 1st) the Music Box Supper Club will host The Babys as they rock Cleveland, Ohio! This beautiful up-close sitting is the perfect environment to catch The Babys as they celebrate their 40th anniversary delivering timeless Classic Rock hits and new music.

Tickets include, a free post-show meet and greet with the band! Take a stroll to the Music Box Supper Club on Sunday evening and prepare yourself for a high energy performance from one of the legendary bands in rock history! We saw The Babys performance last year and it was a rockin’ night of excitement! The band also are some of the nicest people in the rock scene to meet!

Don’t miss The Babys at the Music Box Supper Club on Sunday at 7:30 pm.

John Bisaha (Lead Vocalist, Bassist) of The Babys interviews with our, Jennifer Colleen on what’s happening with the band on the road again, the current Pledge Music Campaign supporting the new album release entitled, Timeless: Anthology II and more!

John Bisaha, vocalist and bassist of The Babys.

Photo: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.


  1. What have you guys been up to since you were in Northeast, Ohio last summer?

This has been a very odd year for us. It started out a little bit slow. We knew we had a few things going on and then it just picked up and steam rolled. We did a bunch of shows in April and then in May we were offered a very cool opportunity to do a record. We had been thinking about doing a record for the past year or so, didn’t know if we wanted to do another studio album or a live record, but we were approached to do a recreation and were asked if we can recreate some of our greatest hits from back in the day and then do some new tunes. Since May we have been in the studio between shows just cutting tracks. We’ve got the possibility of 17 songs, 13 or 14 oldies and 3 new ones.

  1. So when do you think this album will come out?

Right now we are running a Pledge Music Campaign, Ourso we are looking to get the fan experience going. Some great fan experiences and exclusives that are in there. We’ve launched a two month campaign so really we are at a point where there are a couple of experiences in there that enable the fans to come out and do the hand claps in “Midnight Rendezvous ” or get your name sung in “Head First”. So we are looking somewhere in October.

  1. I have not seen The Baby’s perform live yet, but every review I have read of one of your shows seems to remark upon the rock and roll energy and the sheer size itself of the band, including “The Babettes” and a second guitar player. How many band members are there total right now and what do you think the benefits are of having such a full roster?

Drummer, Tony Brock of The Babys.

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.

Lead Guitarist, Wally Stocker.

Guitarist, Joey Sykes.

There’s seven of us onstage. We’ve got the core nucleus, Tony (Tony Brockand Wally (Wally Stocker), the originals, myself, and Joey Sykes. We’ve got Francesco Saglietti on keyboard, and then we’ve got the two Babettes. That’s Holly (Holly Bisaha) and Elisa (Elisa Chadbourne). So there is 7 people onstage.

The drawbacks are if we are on a postage stamp stage it gets a little cramped but fortunately we play in a lot of decent sized or larger venues so it’s ok. The benefit is the fact that we don’t have to play anything stripped down.

This is stuff that’s played to the record, we added a second guitar (Joey). Normally Wally would take everything back in the day so by adding that second guitar helped, and having all the orchestrations, and then having the girls singing, it’s huge. We give the full Babys experience. We are not cheating anybody that is for sure.

The Babettes

  1. October 1st is coming up pretty quickly. What can the Cleveland fans new and old look forward to when they see you?

There’s gonna be a lot of energy. You know I was a huge fan of The Babys when they were just coming out, up until when they disbanded, so I have a large love for these guys and this music. They are going to get a great catalog and I am probably going to bet that there’s some songs that they did not remember The Babys had wrote or played. They’re gonna get some great music some great songs that meant something. And its all going to be done with a lot of energy, we play everything right, and, well, just come on out and see the girls! They (The Babettes) are not a bad thing to look at! [laughs]

  1. Something for everybody then! I also heard every ticket to the show includes a meet and greet with the band. Is that correct?

Yes. You know The Babys were gone for so long it’s kind of like if anybody wants some chairs to meet us we are always more than willing and happy to do that. You know, life is too short not to!

*The Rust Belt Chronicles would like to thank, John Bisaha of The Babys, the entire band and management for their kindness, and patience!

Last call to dine in your seats in the Concert Hall will be 15 minutes before show time. Please arrive early if you plan to eat dinner in your seats. Table side beverage service will continue throughout the concert.

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What:  The Babys

When:  Sunday, October 1st at 7:30 p.m. (Doors Open at 6:30 p.m.)

Where: Music Box Supper Club – Concert Hall

Address: 1148 Main Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113

Phone: 216-242-1250

Tickets:  $28.00 in advance. $32.00 Day of Show, All Ages. Reserved.

Purchase Tickets Here!


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