The Babys are Back On Their Feet Again with A Stunning Performance at the Tangier

The BabysThe Babys

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.

The Babys came to Akron at the beautiful Tangier and brought the house down! I was very impressed with the group’s musicianship, showmanship, and passion throughout the night.  They really brought it all to the table and showed that after 30 years, the band was back in business! The Babys had a wonderful mix of classics and newer songs and even said they would play everything off all 6 albums they have, and they delivered.  They had a large and powerful show and had a full band put together.


Drummer, Tony Brock.

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.


Guitarist, Wally Stocker.

Original members Tony Brock and Wally Stocker were in the line-up, as well as new singer/bassist John Bisaha, and new guitarist Joey Sykes. They also have a keyboardist Francesco Saglietti and two beautiful ladies doing back-up vocals, Holly Bisaha and Elisa Chadbourne.

They treated The Baby’s fans with some great songs that they have never heard before.  They performed “Postcard” off their ‘On the Edge’ album , which they said The Babys have never played live before.  They also performed some songs off the brand new CD ‘I’ll Have Some of That’.  Those were “I See You There” and “Sunrise and Goodbyes”.  They played “Darker Side of Town” which was just a Francesco and John duo of keyboards and vocals only and gave John a chance to get intimate with the crowd.

They brought out “Run to Mexico” which they hadn’t performed last year and I heard people saying after the show they were excited to hear that live.  I totally appreciate a band who delivers what the fans want to hear. Of course they like the big hits like “Back on my Feet Again”, “Isn’t it Time?”, and “Head First”, but especially for a band who has been gone for 30 years, it’s mostly about the fans and that’s truly inspiring.

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.

The whole atmosphere of the venue was great. If you haven’t been there, you should try it. It’s a very classy and beautiful venue with a restaurant/bar, a buffet room, and the music venue with a great hallway. The venue was set up like an old classic style 1920’s vibe with fancy booths set up facing the stage and huge tables around them as well as normal seating at circular and rectangular tables.

The fans were enjoying great music and a pleasant atmosphere and great people. They were also overjoyed to be able to meet the band after the show as The Babys always wish to be one on one with their fans and meet everyone.  They’re definitely back folks, and you don’t want to miss them next time they return. You can be rest assured that they will be back again soon!


 Vocalist/Bassist, John Bisaha.

All photos: © 2016 Jim Carver / The Rust Belt Chronicles.

Make sure to check out the phone interview I did with John Bisaha, and also stay tuned for our next full episode of “Rock Lines” which will include a live video interview with myself and all The Babys!!

*The Rust Belt Chronicles would like to Thank The Babys, their management for their patience and time out of their busy schedule to interview and video tape with us. We appreciate your professionalism and you are incredible to work with on top of giving an excellence performance as usual! We also want to personally thank Jenell at the Tangier for the wonderful professional experience in assisting us with our coordinating the taping!

-Jim Carver President/The Rust Belt Chronicles


Back on My Feet Again

Midnight Rendezvous

Give Me Your Love


Isn’t it Time


I See You There

Love Don’t Prove I’m Right

Darker Side of Town

Wrong or Right

Sunrise and Goodbyes

Run to Mexico

Every Time I Think of You

If You’ve Got the Time

Turn and Walk Away

Head First


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  1. Another great one Robyn! It was nice to see you include the more obscure tunes in their catalog as well as mention the album they came from. Can’t wait for the live album and John’s solo album all due out next year!

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