The Assassination of JFK 50 Years Later

Image courtesy of: Tony Fischer Photography

Image courtesy of: Tony Fischer Photography


It’s hard to believe 50 years have passed since President John Kennedy was assassinated. I was 7 years old at the time and happened to be at home with my mother on November 22nd 1963 due to one of my many sick days from school.

We witnessed the events as they unfolded on television that day and despite being a young age it was disturbing and sad to see the President shot, the funeral procession of the “rider less horse” and little John Kennedy Jr. saluting his father’s grave site. Until September 11th, 2001 I always thought the day President Kennedy was assassinated was my generation’s version of Pearl Harbor.

I can recall hearing in the 1960’s the truth about the Kennedy assassination would not be released until Jackie Kennedy was deceased. Then the story changed to his children being deceased. We next heard the rumor was for 50 years. Although some documents and tape recording have slowly been declassified over the years, thousands of documents and recordings have been withheld from the American public.

The Cover-up Continues

We know JFK had many enemies within the government, CIA, FBI and the Mafia. JFK fired Allen Dulles and threatened to break the CIA into a million pieces for rogue operations within the Bay of Pigs and Cuba.

We know the CIA and Mafia attempted to kill Castro at least eight times and failed.

JFK acted against the advice and wishes of the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about by stopping the Cuban invasion ,negotiating an arms agreement with Russia and stood against a nuclear first-strike against Russia. President Kennedy knew Vietnam wasn’t a winnable situation and was preparing to withdraw troops from Vietnam.

President Kennedy infuriated the Mafia over the failing to eliminate Castro in Cuba since Castro had closed the mob’s lucrative Casino resorts. Bobby Kennedy continual attacks against organized crime after the mob helped JFK win Illinois in the nomination for the DNC and the lack of appreciation for fixing other votes of JFK’s political career involving Joe Kennedy and the mob.

The scandals of LBJ were close to exposing his sordid and criminal past history of cronies and mob friends and the Kennedy’s were planning on removing him from the 1964 ticket. Johnson’s association with Mac Wallace, a known murderer and hit-man is a dark area as well. LBJ had everything to lose and everything to gain with the assassination of President Kennedy. The remarks supposedly made by LBJ to his alleged mistress- “After tomorrow those SOB Kennedy’s will never embarrass again” – says it all.

Richard Nixon was in Dallas on the day of Kennedy’s death. George H. W. Bush still doesn’t remember if he was there and Gerald Ford served on the Warren Commission. It’s interesting to note four or possibly five future U.S Presidents were in Texas on the fateful day. Is it any wonder people don’t trust politicians?

Photo courtesy of: Bonita la Banane

Photo courtesy of: Bonita la Banane

Freedom of Speech?

50 years later, the Mayor of Dallas has limited the festivities at Dealey Plaza for only media and guests who follow the official Warren Commission Report. City officials are attempting to limit groups such as Alex Jones of from carrying large signs or passing out pamphlets, outside the blocked-off area and 75 feet from any roadway. Even James Teague, the only survivor shot from a bullet or bullet fragment off of the curb near the underpass is not allowed in. Mr. Teague did receive a token invite to the Texas Depository Museum instead, we assume since he has just released a book of his findings investigating the JFK assassination.

100 Years Later

Perhaps in the next 50 years, the truth will be declassified. But to do so would only incriminate the agencies involved and open the eyes of the American people to see the events of November 22nd are repeated throughout history in other disputes around the world. Whether it was a lone gunman in Dallas (whose wallet and ID was found near murdered Officer J.D. Tippit) or 9/11 and one of the 19 Saudi hijackers ID was found on the ground outside the twin towers, or the 1954 Guatemalan coup d’état, history is a dead give-away.

Most of us who would remember that day will be long gone. But more importantly, we will never forget. The truth will set you free!



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  1. Although I was born a week shy of 9 months following the assassination, I have a lot of hours under my belt on the subject. The last version I recall regarding Jackie and her mysterious files allowed release 50 years following her last child’s death. How unfortunate that by then it is unlikely anyone will be camped at the gates for the first glimpse. George H. W. contacted J Edgar shortly after John Kennedy was pronounced dead,attempting to finger a certain individual. Further G.H.W. Bush could be contacted at the Sheraton hotel, Dallas TX. How absurd the old coger is again attempting, the, ” I don’t recall,” act. It did not work for Reagan during the Iran Contra and it doesn’t, work now. Casinos in Cuba are one thing, but the bay of pigs is another. The answers in my opinion are found in Zapata corporation and the code name Zapata used for the bay of pigs. It takes a special person to name his ship, ” sidewinder.”. That person is George H.W. Bush.

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