Do you follow a Map or Compass?

I recently explained the fear tactics organizations use against their employees to a friend and her response was: “Well, that’s human nature.” I was stunned momentarily. I had forgotten people are so busy trying to fit-in, wanting to be liked and somehow have to justify other’s bullying style of actions. I also forgot, I had […]

Posturing 101

1. Posturing Verb Behave in a way that is intended to impress or mislead others. Adopt (an attitude) to impress or mislead. –The Free Dictionary The act of people posturing is a daily ritual in some establishments. It’s a frightening display of human neediness within a fluttering workplace environment. When the environment becomes unstable with […]

Raising the Bar of Leadership!

“Do not take the agenda that someone else has mapped out for your life.” ― John C. Maxwell Hold On The quest to push “the powers in charge” is simply a call for integrity and accountability. One of the main reasons for the lack of those morals is fear. Management plays the fear card and […]

Should We Follow the Leader?

One of the common problems here in the Rust Belt is the lack of leadership. Perhaps it’s due to living in a “small town” mentality or because so few good paying jobs exist. Ducking the obvious questions and failing to recognize problems seems to be fashionable. When a leader allows position, money, or status to […]

Book Review: The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau

                      “The average life represents a life of sleepwalking.” –        – Chris Guillebeau/ The Art of Non-Conformity.     I recently had the good fortune to read The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau. Although the book was originally released in 2010, it’s a dramatic eye-opener towards the way we view […]

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