CD Review: The James Emmett Band “Bet Against Me”

Ever since the band The Outsiders had their first taste of celebrity status when they released the song “Time Won’t Let Me,” the last name of Geraci has meant something in the city of Cleveland as Emmett Peter “Sonny” Geraci was part of that band. And although Sonny Geraci passed away back in early February […]

BOBAFLEX & Loyal Fans celebrate CD release of “Eloquent Demons” at Newport Music Hall – Columbus

BOBAFLEX introduces the fans to their  “Eloquent Demons” In the sports world, they say a team “travels” well, meaning it’s fans follow them to away games and once there they make their presence known, usually in a loud and rowdy fashion. The Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans come to mind. Bobaflex and their fans are […]

The Zombies, Still Got That Hunger as they Invade the Kent Stage!

  The Zombies are set to perform at Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio on Thursday, October 15th. No, we are not talking about the Halloween characters, rather the band from the 1960’s as part of The British Invasion with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, who assisted in inspiring a cultural shift in music and created a sound […]

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