Doyle and “Abominator The World Tour 2017” hits The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill!

   Doyle The Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill in Mansfield, Ohio was taken over Friday night by the bands of horror rock. Fans awaited the headlining band Doyle, created by the famous ex-Misfits guitarist, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. Also on the bill were Element A440 with the local bands, TRIBES and Hymn For A Harlot. I don’t think we […]

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (ex-member of The Misfits) will perform at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill in Mansfield, Ohio!

On Friday, March 31st, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (ex-member of The Misfits) will perform at the Whiskey Warehouse Bar & Grill in Mansfield, Ohio.  Also scheduled on the concert line-up are Element a440 with special guests: Tribes and Hymn For A Harlot.  This Hard Rock/Metal core of entertainment will allow the month of March to certainly go out like a Lion at […]

The Door is Open!

Many of the things we could achieve in our lives are within our grasp today. We no longer need permission from a higher authority to begin. Recognition by the fraternity, a degree or license isn’t necessary. The door is open! Find your passion, spread the idea and build your tribe. Do what you’ve always dreamed […]

Goal or Project- What are you planning?

Goals Anyone? It’s time to begin thinking about goals for next year. Before long the New Year will be upon us, so it might be a beneficial period for thought. You may want to review this year’s goals as well and see if those goals are becoming a reality. It’s a great time to cultivate our […]

Checkout Anytime you Like, But you Can Never Leave

  In one of Seth Godin’s recent blogs, I was inspired by several notions and wisdom.  Some valuable lessons from Seth’s blog:  Associate closely with those who emphasize and are experienced with productive failure.  Surround yourself with those who are motivated to make a difference daily.  Breakthroughs throughout history (music, software, athletics) are geographically located […]

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