Matheson Kamin’s Complete List of 2017 Cleveland Reviews

Throughout the 2017 year, I was able to do reviews of many different bands and solo artists from the Cleveland area. And while many of the reviews of those artists made their way here onto the Rust Belt Chronicles website, a few of them did not. Whether the band or artist is based in the […]

CD Review: Thor Platter “Take Time”

Cleveland may not have been Thor Platter’s destination of choice, but it seems that he and the city have become rather good friends since Platter came to the area. After moving here from Buffalo, New York, Thor Platter has been a regular performer in the Cleveland music scene. This is good for Thor because it […]

That 80’s Band and the Brothers Lounge provided a Return to the Past!

All photos: © 2015 Jim Carver/The Rust Belt Chronicles. Several weeks ago, I received the opportunity to catch one of Cleveland’s finest bands, That 80’s Band, live at the Brothers Lounge. The combination of a tight professional musicians performing at this jewel landmark located near downtown provided an evening full of fun, drink, food and surprises […]

CD Review: Thor Platter “Long Road Ahead”

Singer-songwriter Thor Platter is currently making a name for himself. Having been named to many different lists in various publications in and around the Cleveland area, many people are becoming aware of the Cleveland-based singer-songwriter. But just like singer-songwriter Mike Farley before him who moved to Cleveland from Long Island, Platter didn’t start out as […]

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