John Gorman – How WMMS created havoc in the 70s, and became the most respected radio station in the country Tonight at the Music Box Supper Club!

John Gorman is the guest speaker tonight as the Music Box Supper Club hosts John Gorman: Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties – How WMMS created havoc in the 70s, and became the most respected radio station in the country! John is the genius who broke all the rules to establish WMMS as a radio giant in the […]

Seats Added for Joe Walsh’s 2 Sold-Out Shows at Packard Music Hall as the American Icon begins Tour!

***Breaking News: Balcony seats closest to the stage are better than we hoped and are now available for sale!…/…/41338 Both Wednesday and Friday shows are available! Some know him as  “The Bomber” “The Confessor” or just an “Ordinary Average Guy“. But seriously folks, he’s as engrained into the  music scene as any artist on the […]

Jonah Koslen’s Stage Pass Now: Strikes It Up- One Last Weekend!

  Jonah Koslen will be performing his farewell show of Jonah Koslen’s Stage Pass Now at the Akron Civic Theater on Friday, December 19th and Saturday, December 20th. Opening the show will be Angie Haze. This will sadly be the last concert of Jonah’s career with Stage Pass Now which features the entire performance of The […]

The Top 10 Classic Power Trio’s of Rock! (Part 3 of 10)

Jim Carver reviews 10 Classic Rock power trios.  Who do you think the top trios in Rock history should be? We’d love to read your comments! Today, we take a look at the #8 slotted band!  #8 Glass Harp Is it true, Jimi Hendrix was once asked who was the best guitarist in the world and Jimi’s response was: ‘I […]

Rock Lines interviews: Jonah Koslen!

Jonah Koslen’s Stage Pass Now: “We’re all Cleveland veterans of the music scene,” Jonah added. “I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”

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