Goodbye Cubicle Nation

I received a new lease on life when my job was eliminated at cubicle nation. Quite some time ago, I underwent a metamorphosis of sorts toward my own work mindset. For years, I questioned why an organization would want to treat their employees poorly. I just couldn’t comprehend the concept. It was so backward, toxic […]

Flying Low?

If you want to fly low under the radar ok; but those days are numbered. Risky is the new safe. I no longer placate Industrial Age tactics, attend worthless meetings or kiss the status quo. I have a new boss and a new mission. It doesn’t require drinking the company Kool-Aid, repeating the morning chant […]

The One Interface We Need!

Today, I spent a majority of the day tweaking numbers to improve my department’s budget. In doing so, I was able to free-up over $6,000.00 from one project. Saving the department $1000.00 per hour in expense was well spent time.  While working, it occurred to me how other organizations spend little time actually examining the […]

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Advertise With Us!

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