Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and the Edgar Winter Band Smoke Blossom Music Center

 Deep Purple at Blossom Music Center.  Who say’s you can’t go back in time? Blossom Music Center was the scene of the crime on a crispy Saturday night! For over 3 hours, we witnessed the Edgar Winter Band, Alice Cooper and Deep Purple annihilate us with glorious Hard Rock musical anthems, spanning more than fifty-years. With fans ranging from eight-to-eighty-year […]

Deep Purple & Nazareth set to Light-Up the Ohio State Fair!

Deep Purple and Nazareth are set to provide a smokin’ experience for the young and old at the Ohio State Fair on Wednesday, August, 5th. These titans of rock just started touring the USA and this is a glorious opportunity to witness two of the most heralded bands in hard rock history. Many of us know the role these bands […]

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