Anastasia Pantsios, Joe Kleon are featured at Rock ‘N Roll Gallery Exhibit this Weekend!

  Come see one of the largest shows of Cleveland-related music photography for one weekend only! “Rock/Roll Perspectives” at AsiaTown’s Loftworks Gallery, located at 1667 East 40th Street, Cleveland, OH 44103. This incredible gallery exhibit and photo sale features the work of two of Cleveland’s best-known music photographers, Joe Kleon and Anastasia Pantsios. With each […]

Please Welcome Chris Douglas to the Staff!

The Rust Belt Chronicles is growing in many ways and we are happy to announce our latest addition to our Team!  Everyone please welcome Chris Douglas! Chris is a photographer out of Wadsworth, OH.  He is known for his astounding work collaborating with central Ohio Models.  He is driven and quite excited to be working […]

The 42 Eighty Concert Club in Brunswick, Ohio: Nothing Beats a Party and a Song!

  All Photos: Joe Kleon/G4orce Studios. It’s not too often I walk into a club and immediately feel comfortable. Nor, do most clubs remind me of the days of my youth when Rock and Roll was king and attending a show was simply fun without having to worry about drama or worse. The opportunity to spend […]

A Dying Species: The Cleveland Indians and Their Slow Demise

Once upon a time, the Cleveland Indians were the talk of Northeast Ohio, dominating the headlines in the Plain Dealer and dominating the popularity vote in the city. Granted, the Browns were gone from 1996-1999, and the Cavaliers were in a state of emergency, seemingly ever since Michael Jordan hit “The Shot” in 1989. The […]


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