Massive Tailgating at Rock on the Range…an experience you won’t want to miss!!!!

  Go to any concert or sporting event in the United States and you’ll surely see someone tailgating somewhere in the parking lot if not throughout. However when it comes to the largest rock concert in the country, Rock on the Range, just any old tailgating wouldn’t be sufficive enough. That is at least in […]

Upcoming Ohio Concerts: June 1st – June 7th

“The Best Bands from Mid-Ohio to The North Coast and Beyond!” The Ohio music scene is rockin’ between Columbus and Cleveland with the following artists: Taylor Swift, Barenaked Ladies, Violent Femmes, Nothing More, Flaw, Wilson, Red Sun Rising, Puddle Of Mudd, Keys and Corridors, SOULUS,  Autumn Stay, Tame Impala, Rich Robinson, Bad Remedy and Sever It All. Follow the links […]

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