Please Welcome Our Latest Staff Members!

The Rust Belt Chronicles is growing again! We are pleased to announce our new staff members as we expand throughout the rust belt area and share our insight with our increasing audience and customers. Our journey started four-and-a half-years ago with over-16-million-hits to our website alone, we’re only scratching the surface. In 2016, we had our biggest […]

Seth Godin- “We All Live In Detroit”

Yesterday, I spent several hours in a waiting room at a hospital. While attempting to read a book, I couldn’t help listening to two gentlemen discuss the gloom and doom of the current economy and how traditional jobs are falling by the wayside. I agreed with their assessment. They discussed jobs moving to companies overseas in the […]

Goodbye Cubicle Nation

I received a new lease on life when my job was eliminated at cubicle nation. Quite some time ago, I underwent a metamorphosis of sorts toward my own work mindset. For years, I questioned why an organization would want to treat their employees poorly. I just couldn’t comprehend the concept. It was so backward, toxic […]

The Strategic Plan

It’s been an interesting week here in the heart of the Rust Belt. On Tuesday, I joined my wife as being laid-off from the same employer. Nearly 65 years of loyalty, wiped-out six months apart. With no insurance for either one of us beginning in February it’s been a race to take care of a […]

A New Paper in Town?

Recently, I came up with the idea of niche marketing The Rust Belt Chronicles. Sometimes success isn’t about something new. It can be achieved by tweaking a common idea and staying ahead of the curve. Doing something better at the right time, place and cost. Perhaps, I could turn The Rust Belt Chronicles into a […]

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Advertise With Us!

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