The 42 Eighty Concert Club in Brunswick, Ohio: Nothing Beats a Party and a Song!

  All Photos: Joe Kleon/G4orce Studios. It’s not too often I walk into a club and immediately feel comfortable. Nor, do most clubs remind me of the days of my youth when Rock and Roll was king and attending a show was simply fun without having to worry about drama or worse. The opportunity to spend […]

10 from 6: set to perform “Bad Company” at the 42 Eighty Concert Club!

Classic Rock is hitting the North Coast like a freight train with major concerts on Friday and Sunday, so why not complete the perfect trifecta with Saturday too? Better yet, hang out and enjoy some “Bad Company” with the 10 from 6 Bad Company Tribute band at the 42 Eighty Concert Club Brunswick, Ohio! 10 from 6 is the #1 […]

Wish You Were Here & Victory Highway – Shine Powerfully @ River Rock at The AMP!

  All photos: © 2015 Joe Kleon/G4orce Studios. *Watch for our featured photo gallery of this show on our homepage this weekend. I took the stroll up to Warren, Ohio to review Wish You Were Here and Victory Highway at River Rock on The Amp. This was my first time to hear the highly acclaimed Pink Floyd tribute […]

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