Please Welcome Dave Dreher to The Rust Belt Chronicles!

One of the great benefits of running the Rust Belt Chronicles is meeting interesting people during shows. The people I meet and information shared results in a valuable connection. People often approach me and has our popularity grows, so does our network. I am always looking for journalists to assist us while I am attending shows. But at a recent show, the […]

A Purposeful Thanks!

Yesterday, started out as a great day. I was fortunate to be a guest on Caroline Gavin’s podcast- Being featured on a online radio broadcast was exciting and a new experience. I must admit I was nervous prior to the event, but; Caroline had a calming demeanor and I believe the prayer she led […]

Book Review: The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan

  Social Media expert and Blogger, Chris Brogan has been instrumental in my journey to become a blogger. His book, Social Media 101, not only gave me valuable insight it armed me with the education, passion and courage to enter the digital age. Naturally, I was looking forward to his next best-selling release, Trust Agents, […]

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Advertise With Us!

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