A Purposeful Thanks!

Yesterday, started out as a great day. I was fortunate to be a guest on Caroline Gavin’s podcast- PurposefulPathwayRADIO.com. Being featured on a online radio broadcast was exciting and a new experience. I must admit I was nervous prior to the event, but; Caroline had a calming demeanor and I believe the prayer she led […]

The Wisdom to Know the Difference!

People often worry about circumstances out of their control. Worrying used to be one of my “other jobs.” Over the years, I have battled with creating “what if” scenarios and nearly every time the situation I feared- never happened. Slowly, I’ve realized spending time and energy by focusing on “what if” is a monumental loss […]

Newtown, Connecticut- We feel your loss!

Words can’t describe the numbness felt upon hearing the news of the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. 20 first-grade students and 7 adults mercilessly gunned-down by pure evil. Innocent children taken from their families and loved-ones. What kind of sick individual guns down his own defenseless mother, school children and teachers?  Some were hero’s laying down […]

Let the “Good Times” Roll!

Why do we always think of the “good times” in the past tense? Is there any reason living today can’t be as relevant? I have always looked backwards to find the days of enjoyment and pleasure. Everyone can relate to a period when we wished time could stand still, savor the moment forever and never […]

Closure- A New Walk Begins!

  Sometimes, it’s best to cut line and let the fight go. Move on and move forward. Set your sights and ambitions on new goals. Let go of the mental prison and know closure can be a win of itself. Closure gives us the opportunity to reach new boundaries .It’s a winning feeling of exhilaration. […]

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