Fear of Failure?

Does fear of failure keep you from doing something meaningful? Perhaps, it’s really fear of success. Many people are comfortable with not taking risk. After all, how would you handle success? People believe it is safer to stay on the current road, never veering off to search for something better. Follow everyone else, listen to […]

The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

We often make decisions based on fear. When faced with a choice between comfort and uneasiness, we tend to side with comfort. Making that decision isn’t necessarily correct or safe; it just appears to be less troublesome to our emotions. A child learns this at a young age and is able to manipulate a parent […]

Are You Connecting with People?

Two weeks ago, I found myself unemployed. Laid-off, as in job eliminated. Nearly 32 years at the same organization and I was tossed to the curb. The same organization laid-off my wife 6 months ago, after nearly 33 years of service.  It was an interesting month. Our health insurance expired in February and I just […]

Does your Idea Mesh?

How many times have you had one of those: “wish I would’ve thought about that idea” moments? Or the times you’ve thought about a new idea, never acted upon it, only to discover later someone else initiated the same thought and became highly successful. The failure to act, take a risk or perhaps our financial […]

What if…..

What if we gave you the tools to change the world? What if you suddenly realized you have the ability and permission to do the impossible? What If we could cure disease, prevent wars and feed the hungry? We can. Today, we have the tool- the Internet. We possess the most powerful resource known to […]

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