The Rust Belt Chronicles – Exceeds Beyond A Record Month!

Last week, I announced The Rust Belt Chronicles had broken our previous record of website views for a one-month period. While I was elated to finally break 10,000 views in one month, with only a few days left in January; I never expected what happened next! As it turns out, we ended the month of January with over […]

The Rust Belt Chronicles is hiring “Purple Cows!”

  The Rust Belt Chronicles has been undergoing significant changes lately. Our staffing has changed considerably. We are preparing to announce additional features as well. It would be foolish of me to believe the staff we started with will be lasting. Being committed to any start-up takes a certain kind of individual with moxie and thick […]

What if…..

What if we gave you the tools to change the world? What if you suddenly realized you have the ability and permission to do the impossible? What If we could cure disease, prevent wars and feed the hungry? We can. Today, we have the tool- the Internet. We possess the most powerful resource known to […]

Lessons Learned in Commission Sales!

12/01/2012 The local markets in Lexington, Ohio are no longer carrying my book. Sales through Wayne’s Country Market dissipated to the point of not justifying shelf space. The other shop basically ripped me off by losing a portion of my sales money or failed to charge correctly on a half a dozen books. This was […]

Book Review: The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau

                      “The average life represents a life of sleepwalking.” –        – Chris Guillebeau/ The Art of Non-Conformity.     I recently had the good fortune to read The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau. Although the book was originally released in 2010, it’s a dramatic eye-opener towards the way we view […]

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