Follow the Money!

There’s only one thing worse than being laid-off after 30 years. It’s to work somewhere for 30 years and witness its deterioration. Some call the environment “cold” or “unfriendly.” I call it dying. Its lack of luster and non-existent warmth begs for change. It breathes a gasp of relief only for a short interval before […]

Mansfield, Ohio- Arson to The Core

The series of arson related fires in Mansfield, Ohio between June of 2012 and January 2013 may have ended. We’ve had a couple of deliberate fires involving an open structure being built and another; but those arsons don’t appear to be related to the previous series of fires. When I last updated this story one […]

Take the Money and Run

  We live in a society where truth is often overlooked to support incoming money through marketing strategy. Nothing is really sacred or off limits, particularly in the rust belt, when seeking funding. Stories can be spread to justify the means of private funding, elections or the passing of a levy. When funding is by means […]

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Advertise With Us!

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