Heartsick U.S. with special guests, Sleep Waker and Hollow Front to Shred at Music Lynxx

Heartsick U.S. Heartsick U.S. is one of the hottest upcoming bands in the music industry. On Sunday, January 28th, Heartsick U.S. will headline an event at Music Lynxx Concert Club along with special guests, Sleep Waker and Hollow Front. Also appearing on the bill are support acts, Hysteria, Grimm Trigger, and Weld The Westgate. Music Lynxx Concert […]

Tequila Jaxx rocks you on Sunday with a Free Show featuring ERA 9 with Jus Mic and More!

ERA 9 with Jus Mic On Sunday, May 21st, Tequila Jaxx presents a FREE Show featuring ERA 9 with Jus Mic (from 10,000 Cadillacs), Titans In Time,  When We Return, and Bittersweet Revenge.   This hot rockin’event is hosted by Critical Rewind and Tequila Jaxx.  With Rock On The Range ending on Sunday (or maybe you missed it), this is the perfect event […]

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