Making Connections?

It seems we share a common problem with other bloggers, business owners and organizations. In order to succeed you must connect with people. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, pitching or want to become. Until you have built a loyal following, nobody really notices your efforts. Connections are the new economy. Most of our shopping […]

The Strategic Plan

It’s been an interesting week here in the heart of the Rust Belt. On Tuesday, I joined my wife as being laid-off from the same employer. Nearly 65 years of loyalty, wiped-out six months apart. With no insurance for either one of us beginning in February it’s been a race to take care of a […]

Leader or Gatekeeper?

When you first became a manager or supervisor did you feel special? Perhaps you thought you were recognized because of your intelligence, problem solving skills or leadership abilities. I hate to disappoint you. In all likeliness it was due to your ability to submit yourself to company loyalty. You weren’t necessarily the best candidate due […]

Bigger = Better?

  Businesses spent huge sums of dollars advertising their product or specialty; yet the closest contact often fails to engage the customers.   Does anyone actually listen to the “Big Box” greeter? Nothing against the greeter, but why not allow the employee the freedom to express himself in his message? The opportunity exists to create a […]

Show us you are- Who you say you are!

It’s another chant, a way to get noticed and be heard.  But what is the actual internal message?  I thought so. The advertizing dollars spent to market the “image” is really a mirage. In the scale of creating an image, you’ve failed by “attempting to have it your way.” The spin is only cleanup for […]

Advertise With Us!

Advertise With Us!

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