Please Welcome Our Photojournalist- Carly Bronikowski!

The Rust Belt Chronicles has grown considerably in our nearly two-years of existence.  Obtaining  journalists has been strangely difficult within the Akron/Cleveland area. When I initiated this journey this was the last market area I thought we would have difficulty finding journalists. I knew qualified people were out there  and it was just a matter of finding them.  An […]


All photos: © 2015 Dave Gilk/David Alan Photography. The Zombies and I go way back. They don’t know this, but I do, and that is good enough for me. A child of the ’70’s, I grew up staring at the psychedelic album cover of Odessey and Oracle, as each magical song played over and over on my […]

The Top 10 Classic Power Trio’s of Rock! (Part 7 of 10)

  Jim Carver reviews 10 Classic Rock power trios.  Who do you think the top trios in Rock history should be? We’d love to read your comments! Today, we take a look at the #4 slotted band!  #4 Crosby Stills and Nash Photo by Joe Kleon – Formed in 1969, Crosby, Stills and Nash (known as: CSN) consists […]

Please Welcome our New Journalist: Lori Demeretz!

Lori Demeretz has always had a love for writing. After high school, she had planned on going to college to become a journalist. However, she was in a car accident and was not able to do so. Flash forward twenty years.

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