Scott Stapp Shines at The Kent Stage Theater!

Scott Stapp Scott Stapp who’s vocals we fell in love with back in the late 90’s as lead vocalist of Creed came and stunned us at the Kent Stage Theater.  The venue has just the perfect stage size, lighting and sound. The concession stand was hopping and the staff was fantastic. The eagerness was growing […]

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Celebrate 50th Anniversary Tour at the Kent Stage on Saturday!

  Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Few bands manage to reach their 50th Anniversary together in music. Far less manage to do it with nearly all-original band members. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band has achieved that distinction for half-a-century, despite the hardships, the years of the decline of the recording industry, and the decades in the rise […]

Rock Lines Throwback Thursday: Glass Harp and Kent Stage Preview!

Today’s Thursday Throwback features Glass Harp, one of legendary bands from Youngstown, Ohio. Glass Harp featured the incredible guitarist Phil Keaggy, bassist, Daniel Pecchio and drummer, Jon Sferra. The band released 3 studio albums, ‘Glass Harp’ (1970), ‘Synergy’ (1971) and ‘It Makes Me Glad’ (1972). Each album was progressive, lyrically inspired and stunning. Glass Harp toured heavily in […]

Scott Stapp Electrifies The Kent Stage With The Music Of Creed And More

Scott Stapp possess one of those voices that the moment you hear it – memories fill your mind.  Regardless if you ever considered yourself a fan of Creed there is no denying that the music that band produced is forever etched into our minds and Scott Stapp is the voice of those memories.  Scott’s journey […]

Scott Stapp Brings His Proof Of Life Tour And The Music Of Creed To The Kent Stage

Scott Stapp’s journey to the heights of music industry success was swift and inspiring but the price for that success carried a heavy price.  Creed hit the music scene like a juggernaut and Scott’s amazing voice coupled with smart poignant lyrics kept them at the top of the charts for years.  My Own Prison, Higher, […]

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