Please Welcome Erica M. Lenhoff to The Rust Belt Chronicles

On the eve of The Rust Belt Chronicles 4th Anniversary, I am happy to announce the addition of Erica M. Lenhoff to our staff! Erica represents the enthusiasm and professional skills needed to achieve our goals for our most important 5th-year in the media entertainment industry! Her serious attitude, passion and experience of music, photography, food, and dining promises to bring excitement […]

Please Welcome Our Newest Co-Hostess of Rock Lines and journalist, Jennifer Colleen!

Some of you probably wondered, who’s that pretty Blonde in my photo gallery at the Steel Panter show. You probably figured she was just a well-dressed fan or perhaps connected to one of the bands at the event. It isn’t often when you meet someone with that little extra pizazz. That X-factor with a style of […]

Please Welcome Carla Fuller to The Rust Belt Chronicles!

It isn’t often when we find a enthusiastic person with a passion for all music. What’s even rarer is the fact that they share the same dreams, and goals. With our coverage area increasing it has been tough to find people willing to stretch the travel borders and take on new assignments within a variety […]

Please welcome Amanda Snider to The Rust Belt Chronicles!

One thing I’ve learned in this business is you’ll never know what’s in store for you on any given day. While most days are average, every once in a while you have a bad day, however; the best days are when something great occurs. For some time my journalist/photographer, Larry Ritter has told me he had a person […]

Please Welcome: Iona Vega to The Rust Belt Chronicles!

I first met Iona Vega several years ago at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. I discussed her assististance with The Rust Belt Chronicles after discovering she regularly transposes documentation. It was clear her speed, skills and intelligence were on a fast pace to accomplish anything in life. Iona’s professional demeanor is excellent and her personality is superb! The qualities she possesses, make […]

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