Browns Have Bigger Issues Than Who Is Under Center

  The Buckeyes had a hard fought win at Wisconsin last night. The Indians are up 2-0 on Toronto in the American League Championship Series. So it’s amazing that two joyous days can be erased by three hours of incompetence. I’m dusting off the keyboard today, and unfortunately, it’s because the Browns are absolutely horrendous. […]

Browns Hire Hue Jackson To Turn This Around

On January 7, 1963, Art Modell fired the legendary Paul Brown. Brown then made his way down south to Cincinnati, co-founded the Cincinnati Bengals in 1968 and was the first coach in Bengals history. Brown retired in 1975 with a record of 166-100-6 (4-8 playoffs) in the NFL and a 47-4-3 record in the AAFC. He […]

When Will The Misery End?

  I turned 28-years old today, and there is nothing I’d want more than to have a reason to watch the NFL past October. Every year since 1999 it’s been the same story: heartbreak, incompetence, embarrassment and so on and so on. I’ve only witnessed two winning seasons since the franchise returned, and only one […]

Browns, McCown Hit A Wall In St. Louis

It’s becoming a disturbing trend every week, every year. During this afternoon’s 24-6 loss, it appears that the Browns (2-5) have issues that run deeper than the caliber of players on the field. Obviously, Mike Pettine is on the naughty list. His philosophy coming into this year was to control the game by having a […]

Browns get embarrassed at home 30-0 in Manziel debut

The last time the Browns ran less than 40 plays in a game? Week 1 in 1999 against the Steelers in their first game back from a 4 year hiatus. They ran 28 plays and lost 43-0 with Tim Couch and Ty Detmer combining for 52 yards on 6-16 passing and 2 INT. In Week […]

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