Bobby Amaru of Saliva Interviews with Rock Lines Hostess, Jennifer Colleen!

  Bobby Amaru with Rock Lines Hostess: Jennifer Colleen. In case you missed it, Episode #4 of Rock Lines was released earlier this month. One of our newest journalists, Jennifer Colleen interviewed Lead Vocalist, Bobby Amaru of Saliva. The interview was done in one take, unrehearsed by our lovely hostess at The Empire Concert Club & […]

Bobby Amaru Rocks at the Empire Concert Club & Bar in Akron!

Bobby Amaru interviewing with Jennifer Colleen. We recently had the fortune to watch Bobby Amaru, the voice of Saliva perform at the Empire Concert Club & Bar in Akron, Ohio. Bobby was also gracious enough to allow our new co-hostess, Jennifer Colleen to interview him prior to the show for an upcoming video episode of Rock Lines. His courtesy was […]

Please Welcome Our Newest Co-Hostess of Rock Lines and journalist, Jennifer Colleen!

Some of you probably wondered, who’s that pretty Blonde in my photo gallery at the Steel Panter show. You probably figured she was just a well-dressed fan or perhaps connected to one of the bands at the event. It isn’t often when you meet someone with that little extra pizazz. That X-factor with a style of […]

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