Deep Purple with Alice Cooper and The Edgar Winter Band set for Blossom Music Center on Saturday!

Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and The Edgar Winter Band will obliterate the night-air at Blossom Music Center on Saturday, September 9th as Live Nation brings us an exceptional night of music entertainment!  All three bands will perform selections from their decades of hit recordings and their newest music recordings on tour. Those timeless masterpieces from these three unique bands all assisted in creating […]

“Something Meaningful That Matters” – Donna Coss Bernsdorf & Stacy Hatrix

Prior to starting The Rust Belt Chronicles, I began writing with the desire to make a difference in the lives of people. Many of my posts in my old blog went by the tagline, “Something Meaningful That Matters.” I quickly learned by following the “Golden Rule” and helping those in need, was far more rewarding than anything I […]

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