The Rust Belt Chronicles is growing!

The Rust Belt Chronicles is seeing significant monthly growth since our debut in February. We have nearly doubled each month in viewership and our page views increased 154% in March.

Boom Town to Doomed Town?

A long time ago Mansfield, Ohio was a booming mega-factory city. Now it is represented with boarded-up, graffiti riddled houses and decay. While driving near the downtown area, you often discover houses hidden behind overgrown weeds, shrubbery and trees. It’s been said during its heyday you could quit one good paying factory job and be […]

Closure- A New Walk Begins!

  Sometimes, it’s best to cut line and let the fight go. Move on and move forward. Set your sights and ambitions on new goals. Let go of the mental prison and know closure can be a win of itself. Closure gives us the opportunity to reach new boundaries .It’s a winning feeling of exhilaration. […]

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Advertise With Us!

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