Follow the Money!

There’s only one thing worse than being laid-off after 30 years. It’s to work somewhere for 30 years and witness its deterioration. Some call the environment “cold” or “unfriendly.” I call it dying. Its lack of luster and non-existent warmth begs for change. It breathes a gasp of relief only for a short interval before […]

10 Reasons Why I Hired Myself

I make the rules and break the rules. I get the credit and if it doesn’t work- I still learn. I work my own hours, day or night. I don’t work for a middle-man or the status quo. I connect with people, not work with sheep. I have no use for a gatekeeper, slave driver […]

Capitalism at its Finest?

It’s amazing how organizations are so obsessed in using power, fear and control to manipulate and market themselves as a moral entity. Organizations use “spin” to market their agenda and often create more harmful results than good. Even more pitifully, the process is repeatedly used resulting in reduced customer satisfaction and trust. Is it any […]

The Difference

It’s hard to believe we’re closing in on the Holidays which should be a time of good will and cheer. Instead, due to the election, Obamacare, greed and poor business/Union decisions– many people are focusing on the possibility of massive layoffs and the reduction of full-time employment with benefits. In past years, employees looked forward […]

Take the Money and Run

  We live in a society where truth is often overlooked to support incoming money through marketing strategy. Nothing is really sacred or off limits, particularly in the rust belt, when seeking funding. Stories can be spread to justify the means of private funding, elections or the passing of a levy. When funding is by means […]

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Advertise With Us!

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