Google Indexing and The Joy of a New Website!

I launched the new Rust Belt Chronicles last week. The stress of attempting to initiate coverage, achieve proper Google indexing and writing the articles went down to the wire. It’s not easy trying to produce material and attempt to tweak your website at the same time. I  look forward to the day a book explains the […]

Today is only Yesterday’s Tomorrow!

Anybody miss my muse? Attempting to build a website the last few days reminded me of one of my programming classes in college. Maybe you can relate dealing with the tenured faculty member who only gives you 15 minutes of his time and manages to disappear until the last few minutes of class. Your only […]

Moving from Blogger to WordPress?

The last couple of days, I’ve spent considerable time researching WordPress using Genesis Framework’s custom themes. Since I am currently using Blogger, the move to WordPress is somewhat intimidating involving the transferring of my old blogs to WordPress platform. The new web hosting service had me change the name server addresses to theirs and unfortunately […]

Change is Coming!

In less than Sixty years we have witnessed an unbelievable amount of change.  Just to name a few technological advances:  78 RPM (monograph) records to MP3’s.  Mono record players to- iPods.  Antennas receiving 3 television channels to digital cable with hundreds of stations to view.  Picture tube television sets to HD TV.  Television stations to […]

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Advertise With Us!

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