Reaction Distraction

We are accustomed to many types of external distractions. Some distractions startle us, but most are common occurrences. Certain distractions may be a nuisance but few have long term effects. As human beings, we usually internalize little can be done when we encounter a distraction, so we go with the flow. But how do we […]

Running Down A Dream!

Most people wander aimlessly through their life. Many don’t realize options exist outside of the daily grind. We become so focused on the immediate schedule, chores and tasks or simply feel we don’t have the time to allocate towards our dreams. The only remedy is to create the time and start now! Look at your […]

The Bridge to Becoming an Artist!

12 Steps to the Bridge:  You get a great idea and go to work late because formulating and documenting your idea is more important than a job. The goals you follow aren’t someone else’s. Your family, friends, and co-workers think you’re crazy by doing something radically different. Criticism doesn’t slow you down. You quit attending […]

Goal or Project- What are you planning?

Goals Anyone? It’s time to begin thinking about goals for next year. Before long the New Year will be upon us, so it might be a beneficial period for thought. You may want to review this year’s goals as well and see if those goals are becoming a reality. It’s a great time to cultivate our […]

Who Builds The Road to Success?

“You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want”-Zig Ziglar    I’ve noticed in discussions concerning being successful, one of the obstacles often shared is the attempt to diminish the desire of someone from becoming successful.   It’s a roadblock between taking the leap and doing what […]

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