Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and the Edgar Winter Band Smoke Blossom Music Center

 Deep Purple at Blossom Music Center.  Who say’s you can’t go back in time? Blossom Music Center was the scene of the crime on a crispy Saturday night! For over 3 hours, we witnessed the Edgar Winter Band, Alice Cooper and Deep Purple annihilate us with glorious Hard Rock musical anthems, spanning more than fifty-years. With fans ranging from eight-to-eighty-year […]

‘Spend (ing) an Evening with Alice Cooper’ at EXPRESS LIVE proved to be more than just another concert, but more like an EXPERIENCE!!

I’ve been going to rock concerts for nearly four decades now so it’s pretty hard to throw something at me that will truly leave me feeling amazed. Well those boundaries were not only tested last Friday night at EXPRESS LIVE in Columbus, Ohio, they were absolutely blown away by the legendary Alice Cooper and his […]

Spend an Evening with Alice Cooper at EXRESS Live thanks to Miller Lite

This Friday night PromoWest along with Miller Lite is proud to sponsor ‘Spend a Night with Alice Cooper’ at the EXPRESS LIVE (formerly LC Pavilion) in Columbus, Ohio. Alice Cooper was born Vincent Damon Furnier in 1948 in Detroit. His family eventually moved to Phoenix and while there Furnier started a band with Glen Buxton (lead […]

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