Porcelain Hill , from Ontario, California. Check em out!

Living the Rock n Roll Dream So a week ago from this past Friday, I was wrapping up some work, when I got a notification from my Instagram account @mac_onmusic from Nathalie “Wildfire” Campos, drummer for Porcelain Hill. Wildfire explained to me that her band was arriving for a show at The Walrus in Columbus […]

Red Not Chili Peppers set to Give It Away at the 42 Eighty Concert Club!

The Red Not Chili Peppers are coming to the 42 Eighty Concert Club in Brunswick, Ohio on Saturday, May 9th. The Los Angeles based – Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute Band is likely the closest thing to you seeing the RHCP perform and the band is one of the fastest growing tribute acts in the […]

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