A Jukebox City: Columbus, OH

All Photos: Débora Holcman Columbus is a neoteric Jukebox. When you insert yourself into this city, it’s easy to find yourself rhythmically in sync with the many tunes of humanity.  It always tickles me whenever the media tries to portray Columbus as a boring platform for farms. My favorite television show, Grey’s Anatomy had a […]

What Happened to The Rust Belt Chronicles?

Many people have questioned what happened to the Rust Belt Chronicles? Why aren’t you writing?  The online journal dropped out of site after the initial test launch last spring. 2013 was an interesting year for me. Legal ramifications after becoming a Whistleblower, the psychological effects of that process along with the stress of attempting to […]

Are You Connecting with People?

Two weeks ago, I found myself unemployed. Laid-off, as in job eliminated. Nearly 32 years at the same organization and I was tossed to the curb. The same organization laid-off my wife 6 months ago, after nearly 33 years of service.  It was an interesting month. Our health insurance expired in February and I just […]

Flying Low?

If you want to fly low under the radar ok; but those days are numbered. Risky is the new safe. I no longer placate Industrial Age tactics, attend worthless meetings or kiss the status quo. I have a new boss and a new mission. It doesn’t require drinking the company Kool-Aid, repeating the morning chant […]

The Bridge to Becoming an Artist!

12 Steps to the Bridge:  You get a great idea and go to work late because formulating and documenting your idea is more important than a job. The goals you follow aren’t someone else’s. Your family, friends, and co-workers think you’re crazy by doing something radically different. Criticism doesn’t slow you down. You quit attending […]

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