Are You Making a Difference?

One of the topics we discussed on Caroline Gavin’s podcast was the importance of doing something meaningful. We spoke about the fact opportunities exist all around us. We need to look outside ourselves and realize we can make a difference in the world. Too often, we become caught-up in the immediate responsibilities of our daily lives […]

Flying Low?

If you want to fly low under the radar ok; but those days are numbered. Risky is the new safe. I no longer placate Industrial Age tactics, attend worthless meetings or kiss the status quo. I have a new boss and a new mission. It doesn’t require drinking the company Kool-Aid, repeating the morning chant […]

From the Heart!

  There comes a time when you must forge ahead. Write what must be written. Speak your mind, tell the story and bare your soul. Bringing darkness into the light and setting the truth free.  No rules, expectations or fear- just pure honesty from the heart.  Words with meaning that deeply matter to those who […]

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