Making Connections?

It seems we share a common problem with other bloggers, business owners and organizations. In order to succeed you must connect with people. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, pitching or want to become. Until you have built a loyal following, nobody really notices your efforts. Connections are the new economy. Most of our shopping […]

The Problem of Mass- Just ask General Motors!

We’ve seen the history of mass during the Industrial Revolution. It has taken the form of: production, factories, transportation, food, retailers, riots, consumption, marketing, start-ups, dotcoms, healthcare, layoffs, moving overseas and closures. Anyone see a mass pattern here? During the 1960’s, it was common to find severalgas stations at any major intersection in the United […]

Leader or Gatekeeper?

When you first became a manager or supervisor did you feel special? Perhaps you thought you were recognized because of your intelligence, problem solving skills or leadership abilities. I hate to disappoint you. In all likeliness it was due to your ability to submit yourself to company loyalty. You weren’t necessarily the best candidate due […]

Are You a Cog in the Wheel?

  The Cog in the Wheel A week-long series by a local paper concerning poverty has led me to observe and re-iterate a few things. The Rust Belt built its core foundation on manufacturing. The manufacturing era has been over for some time. People have not been able to grasp the concept of line #2.  […]

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